How to Video Market on a Budget

Understandably, most small businesses do not have a bloated budget to shoot beautiful videos for marketing purposes. Shooting commercials and various video content for mobile or social media marketing platforms are indeed quite expensive. Most small businesses would prefer to avoid that. However, video marketing is a proven effective method of marketing. In the era of smartphones, it’s also necessary. Instead of foregoing video content, Global Resources LLC consultants suggest the following to engage in video marketing on a low-cost budget:

Make slideshow presentation videos – Not all videos are shot like movies. Marketing teams can definitely make videos using slideshow presentations. These videos are called screencast videos. They cost next to nothing to make and require only basic technical skills. There’s no need to learn how to animate a video. You can add a voiceover for the video, which will also cost nothing.

Shoot video testimonials – Video testimonials are becoming more and more popular among online shoppers. You may have come across video testimonials shot by e-commerce businesses or social media sites. Video testimonials are like videotaped reviews of a product. They are a great way to create social proof for a brand or a product. You can ask one or two customers to shoot video testimonials or offer a product for free in return for a video testimonial. A single testimonial can be shot with a regular camera.

Low-Cost Online Animation – Animating videos is less costly than hiring actors to shoot a live action video. These days, there are animation software and websites anyone can use to create DIY animations. The animations can look from crude to complex depending on the tools you use. Websites like Voki and Animasher don’t cost much to create compelling animations. The sites make drawings available so the creator doesn’t have to be a professional artist. This is a worthwhile option to consider.

Hiring freelance graphics artists, animators or videographers is also another option to consider. Freelancers are definitely cheaper than maintaining an in-house video team. Businesses can also get employees to shoot live video that is popular on platforms like Facebook. For more useful information, visit