Unconventional Places to Find New Employees

The professionals at Global Resources utilize expertise and knowledge to access the information necessary for small business growth.   We often help the owners of small and medium – size businesses redefine key staffing roles, select fitting candidates and train new employees. Lately, we’ve seen many business owners questioning various recruiting methods. However, in today’s market, many successful business leaders are looking at unconventional places to find new employees:

  1. Panels/lectures – Industry panels and lectures are held regularly, especially in larger metropolitan areas. Participating in or hosting a panel is a great way to not only position your company as an expert in your field, but also find potential job candidates. Members of multiple industries can get together in this space to discuss ideas and collaborate, which could lead to the employment of someone who might not have been aware that your company is hiring.
  2. Virtual career fairs – Online job fairs are becoming a popular alternative to physical career fairs. These virtual events provide all the benefits of showcasing your company at a career fair, but without the travel commitment and large expense. Companies can also find out-of-area candidates who wouldn’t be able to attend an in-person event, allowing them to reach new faces that they would otherwise miss.
  3. Hosted networking events – Industry networking events are good for more than just finding potential business partners and mentors. Hosting an informal “networking night” will draw individuals who are interested in your company. Candidates will appreciate the ability to speak with potential bosses and coworkers in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and learn more about the company from people they’d actually be working with. 

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