Tips for Increasing the Viral Potential for Content

Viral marketing is not a tween gimmick. It’s a powerful marketing tool to create brand awareness. Viral content can get your branding message in front of possibly millions of people without costing exorbitant amounts. Marketers describe “virality” of content as an exponential curve. It means that viral content creates awareness on exponential levels. Instead of just two people sharing a link, viral content is shared twenty or thirty times more.

Not everything goes viral, however. So, here are several reliable tips from Global Resources LLC consultants for increasing the potential for marketing content to go viral online:

Create Unusual Content – Ultimately, content goes viral when it can offer web users something they have never really seen before. Viral content is highly novel and attractive. Content that mimics what others have done doesn’t really go viral. Consider the most loved viral phenomena of recent times: the ALS ice bucket challenge, “Gangnam Style” music video, and the Old Spice “I’m on a horse” ad. Each of these offered something novel and unusual for viewers. Learn from old viral content that is still remembered, like the Apple Super Bowl ad in 1984. Aim for uniqueness above all else.

Give Content an Advertising Boost – Some of the marketing material that does go viral has a secret: some are boosted by advertising. Before your content can go viral, the company may need to get it in front of several thousand web users. Then, the exponential factors would kick in and result in the viral effect. Therefore, do invest in paid marketing for content that shows promise to go viral.

Use Influencer Marketing Campaign – Want to remarkably increase the chance of a video going viral? Have several social media influencers promote the content on their channels. As the social media shares increase, the possibility of going viral increases.

It’s important to keep in mind that all novel content with an ad boost and an influencer behind it will not go viral. When this happens, find out why it didn’t. Was the content not novel enough, or did the business choose the wrong advertising channels? Gather performance and user data to fine-tune viral marketing campaigns in the future. Get customized detailed information on marketing at