Tips to Help Prevent Small Business Cyber Attacks

The business professionals at Global Resources are committed to utilizing our knowledge and experience to help bring about positive change for the owners of small to medium-size businesses. 

We realize that the small business arena can be affected by a variety of circumstances, some that have already affected big business and consumer affairs. Specifically, we have noted the potential danger in cyber criminals targeting small to medium – size businesses.

Consumers use passwords to prevent others from gaining access to personal accounts and gadgets. However, with ever-growing numbers of hackers determined to grab data, small business owners need to be extra vigilant. Cyber criminals are using sophisticated technology to steal information whenever there is a slight hint of opportunity, so use these tips to stay safer online:

  1. Observe proper web security – Passwords should have at least eight characters. It is highly recommended that you use a combination of uppercase, lowercase and special characters. “[email protected]$w0Rd45%” is a thousand times better than “Password1”. Veer away from using passwords that are found in dictionaries. Furthermore, avoid using your name, a family member’s name, phone number, birth date, social security number or any public information. Hackers have found a way to crack passwords with the aid of the many databases out there.
  2. Keep malware off your system- Malware are malicious programs that have been crafted in such a way that they appear authentic and trustworthy. Be careful not to click on pop-ups and links that will redirect you to that place where your security walls are torn down. And do not open email attachments from anonymous users. Mechanisms are often embedded in these programs to gain control of your system.
  3. Keep your passwords private – Surprisingly, a lot of people still tend to share their passwords with their office mates or friends. If you’re one of them, then it’s high time that you change your habits and your password again.  In the event that you need to give your password to a co-worker to get an important document or presentation, make sure that you change them as soon as possible. Never use the same combination again.
  4. Change password regularly- It also helps if you schedule a regular password change. Within a period of 30 to 60 days, you should update passwords across multiple sites. Moreover, never use the same passwords for different websites.

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