Tips for Establishing a Pleasant Company Culture

Company culture plays a major role in determining how productive and effective a business’s workforce is. Maintaining a good company culture is crucial to the sustainability of the business. You won’t be able to retain the best talent with a toxic work environment. Uber, which has been in the news lately, poses as a huge cautionary tale in this regard.

Uber had a great business model and the profits were pouring in, at least until the company got in serious legal trouble. Uber has recently let go of its CEO and taken steps to improve in-hours work culture. Global Resources LLC warn that companies must maintain a good work culture from day one. Most businesses won’t survive what Uber has gone through. So, to make sure your business is not going to be ruined because of a bad company culture, here are several tips to follow:

Invest in the Human Resources Department: The HR department exists for a reason. One of the main reasons Uber stumbled is because the company had a very weak HR department. There must be a clear and precise set of policies and steps in place for employees to lodge complaints. Importantly, there should be a trustworthy policy in place for employees to lodge complaints of harassment. A strong HR department means an empowered workforce. Your business will be able to sort out conflicts and disputes early on before they snowball into bigger problems with a proper HR department.

Do Not Make Exceptions for Bad Behavior: It’s common for companies, like parents, to favor some employees over others. But this favoritism should never be on blatant display. If the company has a star employee, never let this employee get away with bad behavior in plain sight. The rules should be equal for everyone. It sends a terrible message to other employees and creates distrust and resentment when bad behavior has exceptions inside the company.

Do Listen to Employees: If the employees complain about various conditions at the workplace, it’s the duty of the employer to listen. Even if some of these complaints might seem trivial at first, these issues could get worse over time if left unaddressed. If several complaints are coming in regarding a similar issue, then the bosses must pay attention.

Overall, stick to the company policy and maintain a good ethical policy at work. Do not be lenient towards bad behavior. Never let higher ups behave badly in front of other employees either. If you want more suggestions to improve the company culture at your business, send us a message at