Tips for Business Professionals Using LinkedIn

Global Resources LLC offers expertise in many areas of the small and medium-size business arena.  We realize that savvy business pros are using the social media site, LinkedIn, for professional growth, making professional connections and even finding new jobs. If you’re on Linked, it’s time to make sure you’re using the website to your full advantage.

Here are general tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to par:

  1. Be Thorough – The more complete your profile, the better the odds people will notice you. It’s also important that after someone finds you, they want to click on your profile. He or she wants to know what your skills are, where you’ve worked and what people think of you. So, fill out every single section of your profile. LinkedIn will actually measure the “completeness” of your profile as you work and offer suggestions on how to make it stronger.
  2. Get a Custom URL – It’s much easier to publicize your profile with a customized URL (ideally name) rather than the clunky combination of numbers that LinkedIn automatically assigns when you sign up. How to get one? On the Edit Profile screen, at the bottom of the gray window that shows your basic information, you’ll see a Public Profile URL. Click “Edit” next to the URL, and specify what you’d like your address to be. When you’re finished, click Set Custom URL.
  3. Choose a Great Photo- Choose a clear, friendly and appropriately professional image. A great tip is to take a look around at what the people in your target company, industry sector and / or business level are wearing, and match that.
  4. Write a Captivating Headline- Your headline doesn’t have to be your job title and company—in fact, especially if you’re looking for jobs, it shouldn’t be. Instead, use that space to succinctly showcase your specialty or value proposition. The more specific you can be about what sets you apart from the competition, the better.
  5. Use Your Target Job Descriptions to Your Advantage- Take a look at the job descriptions of the positions you’re after and use them in a word cloud tool, like Wordle.  The words that are standing out are likely what users are searching for when they’re looking for people like you. Make sure those words and phrases are sprinkled throughout your summary and experience.

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