Tips for Boosting Slumping Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic comes from organic, or non-boosted, searches. Organic traffic forms a very important part of any digital marketing campaign. Organic traffic should ideally be on the rise. However, it’s normal to experience flat or steady growth as well. However, if your organic traffic numbers are slumping, or have been down for some time, then that’s cause for worry. Here are several tips from Global Resources LLC marketing consultants on how to boost organic traffic numbers:

See Where the Traffic Drops – It’s possible that your whole site is experiencing a sudden drop in organic traffic. It could also be that only certain landing pages are experiencing this issue. Run a quick analysis and find out which parts of your site are most affected. The solution will depend on the problem. For example, using a bad keyword on a part of your site could be hurting traffic. Or, it’s possible that a product featured on a landing page is no longer interesting to customers.

Check for Google Manual Penalty – A Google manual penalty will instantly hurt your traffic. Google could penalize your site for various violations of its SEO code, such as using plagiarized content, having spammy links on your site, or employing “black hat” SEO tactics. If your organic traffic slump is particularly troubling, you should definitely check whether your site has been penalized. Once you correct the issue that caused the penalty, then your traffic numbers should improve again.

Improve Link Profile – Bad or outdated links could cause a slump in organic traffic. You should check your site’s link profile and go through each link. Get rid of outdated links. You can update old links with new, more relevant ones. You can use a tool like Moz Open Site Explorer to check your link profile more efficiently.

Update Keywords—More often than not, keywords are the reason organic traffic rises or slumps. Make sure your web pages are using highly relevant keywords suitable for the season. For example, in the summer, use summer-related keywords to boost organic traffic, in addition to the main keywords you are using.

Typically, performing the improvements mentioned above should increase organic traffic volumes. However, if the numbers continue to be low, then that should raise some alarm. You can contact us at and we’ll recommend an SEO expert to conduct a comprehensive review of marketing practices to see why traffic numbers might be slumping.