Three Tips for Managing a Remote Team

As telecommuting and remote work is on the rise, you may be starting to see a significant shift in how you hire employees.

If you haven’t already gotten to this point, there is no doubt that you will have to deal with it, on some level, in the near future. Unsurprisingly, remote work has boomed by over 115% over the last decade and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Check out Global Resources Reviews to learn more.

One of the most interesting facts is that telecommuting is largely popular amongst all demographics. Roughly 50% of telecommuters are over the age of 45, with approximately an equal split between both males and females.

Despite the contentious viewpoint that working from home is for lower-level jobs or moderately incompetent workers, it actually provides for a great deal of productivity and growth through technological advances and development. There are many benefits for both the employee and the company, with drastic financial savings (forth both parties) at the forefront.

With the myriad of benefits, there are always, of course, sets of challenges. In growing your business and increasing productivity/profits, you’re going to have to know how to manage your remote team.

Global Resources LLC consultants recommend the following three tips to managing your telecommuters.

Encourage Accountability

In order for telecommuting to be productive, time-sensitive, and cost-efficient, you are going to have to promote a culture of accountability. Using the right software, you can track time and progress. Having said that, the best way to deal with remote workers is to promote honesty and transparency. This will give your employees a feeling of both trust and responsibility.

Furthermore, you may want to consider offering employee incentives to track their time and monitor productivity. Perhaps you can hold competitions for employee efficiency, which will empower your team by giving them full autonomy over their workload.

Foster Communication

Whether you’re all packed into the same physical space or spread out around the world, team bonding and communication is paramount and is an integral facet of success. While there are many ways to promote this, open communication and chatting works really well in a remote capacity.

Hold In-Person Meetings

While it will take, at least, a few months before your team gets the hang of how things work in a remote setting, you can expedite the learning process by scheduling regular in-person meetings. In doing so, you will building an aura of chemistry and help to get all employees on the same page. While this may not be cheap, you will undoubtedly see an immediate positive ROI.

Telecommuting has grown dramatically over the last decade and will continue to boom into the ensuing years. As a business owner, make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve by understanding the ins and outs of remote work. This will help you scale your business and remain competitive.