How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s Latest Feature

Facebook will soon make a new feature available for all its users across all devices. This newest feature of the world’s largest social network will let users find free Wi-Fi spots nearby using the social network. It’s a business savvy move from Facebook. Users are connecting to the social network mainly using mobile devices in both developing and developed markets. And mobile users are always in search of good Wi-Fi connections.

While this feature seems rather innocuous on Facebook’s part, it may soon have a major impact on small businesses, especially ones with brick and mortar stores, Global Resources LLC consultants say. When consumers can look up Wi-Fi spots on Facebook, they will always be on the move looking for the best connections. No one is going to stay at a place with a bad connection. For Facebook, this means users can use the network more and for longer. For users, this means they can easily find the best Wi-Fi connections.

For small businesses, this means providing good Wi-Fi connections and web services should be a priority. There will most likely be advertising implications too. The company could show certain ads only on Wi-Fi connected devices. Also, better connections mean small business owners should be mindful of speed and performance of a website. Google already filters search results based on page load speed. Facebook, likewise, might do something similar in the future.

Consultants with, therefore, advise small business owners to do the following to benefit from the upcoming changes:

Upgrade the Business Wi-Fi Package: If your company connection is available to guests or customers, it may be time to upgrade it. The speedier the connection is, the more customers your business will attract with the new Facebook tool.

Get Site Speed Up: Use tools like Google PageSpeed to monitor the speeds of sites in all your company’s domains. The speeds should be able to compete with the sites on top of the search results. A site should get a Google speed rank of at least 70 to keep users engaged.

Use a Caching Plugin: Caching plugins speed up websites. You can buy one or download a free one for your sites.

Avoid Large Multimedia Files: Do no upload huge video or image files that take forever to load. Use compressed and minimized file formats.

It’s very important for small businesses to keep up with new changes in the social media and internet sphere. Use the above recommendations to stay on top of upcoming Facebook changes.