Set Up the Ultimate Hiring Process With These 6 Tips

Hiring employees is a process that takes time. Jumping into things could result in hiring the wrong person for the job and having to either fire, or them quitting. In the end, you have to go through it all over again.

Avoid that situation by setting up the ultimate hiring process to find the best employee for your business. With a few steps, you will have a guideline to refer to each time you go through the hiring process.

Below are six tips from to help you create the ultimate hiring process. 

Write a Thorough Position Description

To start, you want to encourage the right person to apply for the job opening. That will come from the job description you include.

Spend some time making notes of what the job all entails. Keep it short and to the point, as to not lose the reader. Also, include the type of skills you’re looking for to go along with the job.

Review Resumes and Note Top Candidates

No matter how many resumes you get in, you should still glance at each one. Even if you come across the perfect resume, you could always find another one just as good.

Glance through the skills and work experience. Make a note of what is relevant and what could benefit your company. The ones that you think have the most potential, set them aside to contact them.

Screen Candidates Over the Phone

Especially if you have many people that you want to meet with, do an initial screening over the phone. This isn’t necessarily going to give you an accurate perception of the person. However, it allows you to ask a few questions related to their resume, and have them elaborate a bit more on previous work history.

Call Back Promising Candidates

Through your phone screening, you should be able to narrow down who you want to have a sit-down interview with. This interview will be the main focus when you hire someone.

Go into the interview prepared. Come up with a list of questions that you want to ensure you ask every candidate. Pay close attention to their answers as this will help you assess what their personality is like, work ethic, and whether or not they’ll fit into your company’s culture.

During the interview process, allow the conversation to flow naturally. Although you don’t want to go entirely off-topic, being able to have personable discussions will enable you to really get to know the person you may hire.

Schedule the Second Interview If Necessary

Not every company does this, but having a second interview with the most promising candidates from the first interview can allow you to ask even more in-depth questions. Especially if you’re stuck between a few people, the second interview could help you make your decision.

Check Their References

If they have references (and they should), check them. It’s always a good idea to get feedback from previous employers to see if what they put on their resume is accurate.

During the interview process, ask questions about their previous jobs and why they no longer work there. Their answer will help you decide which reference to check, and whether or not there are any burned bridges between them.