Sales Tips for Small Business Owners

At Global Resources, our business consultants help navigate the way for your success.  Our vast experience, expertise and education allows for us to access information that is needed for you to reach your business goals.

Many of the industries we work in, such as manufacturing, construction and wholesale, depend on business sales for company survival and growth.

If you’re an owner of a business that facilitates sales, we have general tips that may help you:   

1. Upsell Effectively – If you are not upselling, you are leaving money on the table. Upsells are very effective to increase sales. Once they buy from you and are in a buying mood, it’s easier to close an additional and related sale.

2. Run a Customer Reward Program – You really don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to run a rewards program. Just make it a simple program where people can get discounts for being a customer and satisfying certain simple criteria’s such as:

  • Collect points and redeem points for discounts, gifts, and so on
  • 10% discount on your purchase if you shop for more than $100

3. Contact Your Customers- Reach out to your customers and ensure that they can buy the products with ease.  Ensuring your customers are happy and forming strong relationships with them helps guarantee they become loyal clients. 

4. Create an Incentive Program for Your Sales Team – Provide incentive to your sales team and you’ll see that your sales will mostly increase after setting up the incentive. It can be anything from getting featured for the month on your company website or extra pay. See what works with your employees and give them something they will value.

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