Could Regular Meetings Improve Your Business Strategy Implementation?

For many business leaders, this scenario will be all-too-familiar: You’ve just finished working with the organization’s leadership team drawing up your company’s strategic plan and now you’re aligned on your company’s mission, vision, and strategic action items, goals and priorities. While that’s great, what happens next?

Many organizations find that, despite their best intentions, their strategic initiatives end up being put on a back burner as the day-to-day running of operations takes over. After about a year, the strategic plan rears its head again and suddenly there’s a panic about all the goals that remain unmet.

Does this ring a bell with you?

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening by creating a strategy meeting cadences to allow your company to remain on top of the implementation of its strategic plan.

The Importance of Regular Meetings

You probably already hold regular meetings to discuss projects and operations. However, those aren’t the same as check-ups on your strategic plan. It’s important to arrange regular meetings specifically for this purpose.

In these meetings, a written agenda is required outlining your mission, vision, goals and strategic priorities, and the whole point of the meeting should be to report back on those goals, how well they’re being met and what has been done so far towards achieving them.

What Should Happen At The Meetings?

A meeting once a month with the leadership team is the schedule recommended by the Global Resources LLC consultants and, if you take a look at our Global Resources reviews you’ll see that many business leaders have found that this is something that works perfectly for them.

At the meeting, everyone should either have an assigned strategic priority or a specific action item that they have taken on. During the proceedings, each attendee should discuss the strategic priority that they’re working on, where they’re heading with it and emphasize their current focus. They should also discuss what they did and what was achieved in between meetings and how that relates to the organization’s strategy.

Making Your Company’s Strategic Plan More Successful

Every business leader knows the importance of a successful strategic plan, and you can boost the chances of success of yours by simply creating a cadence of regular meetings that are committed to focusing on the strategic work that needs to be carried out. Although it may feel like an extra chore to plan in more meetings at first, over time, you will begin to get into the habit of holding them and will begin to realize how much easier it has become to work actively towards your goals and achieving your vision for your business.

With regular strategy meetings held on a monthly basis, when the annual strategy review comes around, you and your leadership team will have a clear understanding of where goals have been met and which areas are falling short. That information can then be put to good use, making adaptations and changes that allow for goals to be met more effectively.