Reaching Out to Generation Z

Generation Z, also called the post-millennials or the iGeneration, is the generation that comes after the millennials. The Gen Z is growing up and is entering the consumer market as young people in their late teens or early twenties. In the coming years, Generation Z will be where millennials are today. So, it’s paramount that small businesses learn how to target this group. In our numerous annual Global Resources LLC Reviews, we have found many companies struggling with reaching out to Gen Z. If your company is struggling in a similar manner, here are several tips to consider:

Aim to Offer Instant Gratification

If you thought millennials were impatient, wait till you meet a Gen Z’er. Young people of this generation were born to a world filled with iPhones and high-speed internet. They are not used to waiting around to get what they want. As the most prominent occupants of the Internet Age, Gen Z’ers are attracted to businesses that offer them instant gratification. That means fast loading websites, super speedy checkout, and delivery.

Develop Meaningful Interactions

Gen Z’ers grew up with social media like Facebook. Therefore, the best way to reach out to this generation is through building meaningful relationships that mirror organic relationships on social networks. Print ads and TV ads are not sufficient to attract the loyalties of the Gen Z shopper. So, master social media channels like Snapchat that young people are obsessed with.

Be Real

Gen Z shoppers are not convinced by marketing claims or infomercials like their parents were. They seek “real” relationships with the brands. Authenticity is the new ad jingle. All interactions with the company or brand should be planned to appear as real as possible. Companies like Levi’s are already appealing to Gen Z shoppers with a thriving network of relatable brand ambassadors. Small businesses, too, should appear less “business-y” and get real.

Find a Niche

Do not bombard Gen Z shoppers with numerous options, because they don’t care. They can lose interest quickly in a brand or product that tries to appeal broadly. So, find a focus, or a niche, for your small business. Then target Gen Z’ers who are most likely to be attracted to that particular niche.

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