How to Re-Strategize Your Company’s Marketing Campaign for the Coming Year

Yet another year has come to an end. Time certainly flies. It’s the holiday season, so marketing campaigns are in full swing. It’s also the time to think about how your company is planning to launch the coming year’s first advertising campaign. Don’t do the same old in 2018. Think about what you can do new and benefit from upcoming technologies. Here are some ideas from Global Resources LLC consultants:

Analyze Your Existing Marketing Plan – Before you start revamping your marketing campaign overall, think seriously about whether it requires redoing. This is where customer data comes into play. Analyze the collected data to learn about which tactics worked in the past year, and which ones did not. Also, keep in mind that some strategies will simply become outdated the next year as customer habits and algorithms change. Obtaining one of our Global Resources Reviews is a great way to get expert recommendations on how to modify your company’s overall marketing plan.

Introduce New Products – There’s hardly a better time than a brand new year to introduce customers to new products. The “newness” is in the air and people are more likely to try new things. Also, the business can direct the marketing plan in a new direction without losing ground. It’s also a good time to introduce combos or bundle deals, especially at the start of the year when people are still in the mood to shop.

Learn about the Latest Marketing Channels – The mainstream wisdom is that in 2018, marketing will move on to new channels like Snapchat and drop formerly glorious channels like Twitter, which has seen no growth in recent times. Also, augmented reality content is the new best thing. Marketers should certainly familiarize themselves with new content and new norms. Even small businesses can experiment with AR Snapchat filters to find out how the target audience responds.

Improve Mobile Marketing – The mobile-first approach should be in full swing in the coming year, as more and more people will be using handheld devices to communicate, consume content and shop. Reallocate resources at the start of the year to develop a powerful mobile marketing strategy.

The end of the year is also a good time to think about what your business could have done better earlier. But don’t dwell on regrets. Start anew in 2018 with help from our highly experienced consultants.