What You Need to Know About A Call to Action

A call to action is a statement made to receive a response from the person seeing it. If you run a business that isn’t getting the results it should, you may need a call to action. If your leads and prospects aren’t taking the next step, the problem could be a bad call to action.

Even worse, you may not have a call to action. When you create a call to action, you allow your customers to take their next step. Some people even consider it the most important part of a business’s marketing efforts.

GR-US.com has put together a few things you need to know about calls to action and how they help your sales.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is most commonly used as a marketing strategy by businesses. It is the perfect way to get a response from your target audience. Usually, it is put at the end of a pitch to potential clients to show them the next step.

The next step to doing business with you may be simple. Though, it is far easier to give your clients a convenient option. With one click, they can take their next steps. This makes it far easier than trying to research your business to find contact details.

Leaving a call to action out of your marketing efforts can lose you a lot of money and potential clients. They are an essential marketing tool. Don’t neglect them and treat them as an afterthought. By being clear about what your client needs to do next will achieve great results.

How do call to actions work?

The most used call to action in sales is “buy now”. However, it isn’t the only one. On top of that, the sales process isn’t the only place a call to action belongs. If you have an expensive item or service, a call to action can drive them toward making the sale.

For example, a good call to action for that would be “call now to get your free estimate”. A call to action can even be used for sign-ups or increasing your social media following. Here are some great words to use in your call to action:

  • Click here
  • Download
  • Buy
  • Share
  • Call
  • Subscribe
  • Sign-up
  • Register
  • Follow
  • Now
  • Get
  • Learn
  • See
  • Start
  • Continue
  • Swipe

Make sure that each page on your website has a clearly defined call to action. It is one of the most useful techniques to get people to take the desired action. Another useful technique to use is a sense of urgency, such as:

  • Ends soon
  • Limited time only
  • Act now
  • Limited supply
  • Special price

A call to action is one of the best ways to ensure that your audience knows where to go next. They have read your material, they understand your product, and they want to buy. By providing a clear next step, your audience will be more inclined to follow it and complete their purchase.