How to Market to Gen Z Customers This Holiday Season

As the Millennial generation reaches their thirties, the following Generation Z is emerging as a young and voracious customer base. As with millennials, Gen Z customers have their own quirks and peeves. Here are several tips from Global Resources LLC consultants on how to reach Gen Z buyers:

Avoid Stereotypes—Generation Z came of age firmly in the 21st century. The youngsters of this generation highly value individuality. Therefore, they won’t respond to marketing material believed to portray various stereotypes. To reach Gen Z buyers, create ads that portray diversity and glorify individuality.

Don’t Tell Them What to Buy—If there’s one thing Gen Zers hate more than anything, it’s being told what to do. When creating marketing material or online content targeting this group, do not “tell” them what to buy or choose. Instead, pen content as advice that allows the audience to ultimately make the choice.

Advertise on YouTube—Generation Z loves YouTube, even more than millennials. A typical Gen Z customer spends between 2 to 4 hours each day on YouTube. In surveys, nearly half of Gen Z customers said they simply could not live without YouTube. Brands that really want to reach Gen Z should therefore definitely advertise on YouTube. Create video content that resonates with this audience.

Use Newer Social Networking Channels—Facebook and Twitter may not be the best advertising channels to get those Christmas discounts in front of Gen Z buyers. The younger generation prefers newer channels like Snapchat and Instagram. Plan ahead to spend money on these channels to reach Gen Z buyers at all times of the day.

Hire Influencers—unlike most millennials, Gen Z buyers are highly protective of their privacy and do not trust everything they see on the internet. Gen Z buyers are mostly influenced by recommendations from their peers. Therefore, investing in peer group influence is a must for increasing conversions among this group.

Do not conflate Gen Z buyers with millennials. To find out if your company’s marketing plan is well equipped to reach a Gen Z audience, check out Global Resources LLC Reviews.