Making Sales in the New Year

Global Resources helps put small and medium – size businesses on the path to success.  As we begin the New Year, we look at the significance of sales in the small business marketplace.  Below are four sales trends that will greatly affect the revenue of small businesses around the country:

  1. Sales and marketing have a closer relationship – The familiar disconnect between sales and marketing is sure to lessen as people start seeing the benefits gained from working cohesively. Whether it’s called sales enablement or just doing good business, these two departments will interact and engage more, which will lead to an increase in revenue.
  2. Cold calling will be affected by the impact of social media marketing – With a variety of new solutions and selling strategies available, cold calling is likely to diminish in its significance as an exclusive sales strategy for companies in the future. Consumers will be more likely persuaded when cold calls are done within a marketing strategy that includes social media touch points that helps turn a cold call into a warm call.
  3. Social selling is king – The new type of social selling is extremely important for salespeople to learn more about the people they are selling to. With this model, you can target companies and even know more about the pain points these individuals and their companies are experiencing.
  4. Discounts and loyalty programs will continue securing more sales – It was reported that an annual survey of 500 small to medium-size businesses found that 26 percent of their sales come from discounts. The average consumer is far likelier to purchase goods or services if they are offered an incentive or discount, especially from a business they are familiar with and have patronized in the past.

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