Make Your Business Standout with an Exceptional Mission Statement

An excellent element of a solid business plan, but one that is quickly glanced past, is the mission statement. It’s easy to overlook this as being a simple description of your company because that’s basically what it does.

Except a mission statement offers more than a description. It shows the company’s values, creates a brand, and explains why you’re different from the competition. A mission statement can inspire those to come and work for you or for clients to choose you over someone else.

Ready to write a mission statement? Use the following seven tips from to help you write an exceptional mission statement.

Keep it Short

Although the mission statement offers a description of the company, it shouldn’t be your about page. Instead, keep it short. Stay within a few sentences. It may make it more challenging to write. However, going this route helps develop your brand.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Unless your company doesn’t grow past where you currently are, don’t limit yourself in your mission statement. Avoid adding in locations or stating this is the only thing your company focuses on. Be a bit vaguer with it. Keep the opportunity of growing into different avenues open.

Be Enticing

Get creative with your mission statement. You want to tell a story to the reader that entices them to learn more about you and your company. Use the statement to grab their attention.

Use Your Long-term Goals

You don’t have to say a long-term goal. However, the way you word it should tell the reader what your purpose is for the future. What do you hope to achieve in five years? That wraps into the values of the company and what it stands for.

Don’t Use Your First Draft

Because of how important a mission statement is, don’t be afraid to make multiple drafts of it. Start with brainstorming words and phrases that summarize your company and its values. Then, you can take those points and form them into sentences.

After you have something written down, get a second opinion from someone outside of the company. Having a different set of eyes can give you the perspective of someone outside of the company who isn’t biased like your eyes will be. Ask them for feedback and make adjustments according to their response.

Update Your Statement

Your mission statement should and will change as your company grows. So, don’t think that what you write right now is set in stone for the future. Keep updating it as your company grows.

Answer the “Why”

Have you ever been asked why you started your company? If not, now is a good opportunity to answer that question. Why are you doing what you’re currently doing?

Your mission statement should also answer why. Whoever reads it should know right away why the company exists and how it’ll serve the public. Take your time with this part as it has a powerful effect on the overall statement.

Spend time writing out multiple drafts of your mission statement. You only have one shot at making a good first impression within a few lines.