Keep Your Office Efficient With These 5 Organization Tips

Whether you’re running a business, working at an office, or working from home, organization is a key factor in your success. Without organization, it’s hard to keep track of tasks, and there’s a good chance you’ll forget something.

Because of how important organization is, has a few organization tips to help keep your office running smoothly and efficiently.

Declutter Everything

Although this is a bigger task, it’s an essential one to do. Decluttering your office should be the first step in organizing it.

Decluttering includes shredding any documents, throwing away pens that don’t work, filing away important papers and books, and cleaning up any garbage laying around.

Going through this process can get overwhelming. To avoid that, start with one area at a time and work in chunks. If you find things that you’re unsure about, set it to the side and come back to it. If you haven’t used it in months, you likely don’t really need it.

Start a Filing System

If you don’t already have one, create a filing system. Filing means both physical documents and what’s on your computer. Have multiple folders for different tasks over different years. The more you can organize each document, the easier it will be to keep track of everything.

For any papers, have a filing cabinet or a shelf to store boxes. Label everything, so you know what goes where.

Go Through Every Drawer

Have you taken a look at your drawers recently? If they’re jammed pack with stuff, then it’s time to organize them. Have the items you use the most at the top of your drawer system or closest to your desk. The less you use things, the farther down they can go.

Group items together that make sense to you. You shouldn’t open five drawers just to get everything you need for one task.

Tidy Your Desk Every Day

At the end of your workday, get in the habit of tidying up your desk. There are a few main reasons for this. To start, when you come into the office the next day (or sit at your desk at home), you have a clean slate waiting for you. The less mess there is, the more you can focus on your work.

Also, if you have important documents laying out, cleaning everything up every day prevents unwanted eyes from seeing what you’re doing.

Move Furniture Around

How do you have your office set up? Is it in a way that is functional and efficient for you? Do you have to get up and walk around to find everything you need?

Organize the furniture in your office so that it makes sense to you. Have items that you regularly use by your desk, including a garbage can. You should be able to easily walk through your office and get to everything you need at any time.

Use these tips to get your office organized and ready for work every day. The more little things you can do to stay on top of it, the cleaner the office will be. When we work in an organized environment, it helps us stay focused and less stressed.