How Industrial-Organizational Psychology can Work for Your Business

Business owners and managers benefit from understanding how Industrial-Organizational psychology (I-O psychology) works. This is due to the fact that it can play an important role in enhancing the success of a business. It does this by suggesting potential changes that can improve the mental and physical well-being of employees and the productivity of the business.

Experts like the team at Global Resources LLC reviews understand the concept of I-O psychology and how it can be used to benefit organizations. This means that they can help businesses understand what I-O psychology means for them. So, what can these businesses learn?

How does Industrial-Organizational Psychology work?

In order to understand how I-O psychology benefits a business, it’s essential to know how it works. There are actually two major parts to this type of psychology; industrial and organizational.

The industrial aspect is also often referred to as personnel psychology. This involves examining how individuals can be matched to job roles. This area of I-O psychology involves looking at characteristics that different employees have and matching them to the roles that exist within the business.

The other side of I-O psychology is organizational. This means looking at the organization and how it affects the behavior of individuals. This is important because organizational behavior can have a significant effect on the success of any business.

Areas of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

There are several different areas that fall within the umbrella of I-O psychology. Most professionals who work in this field are involved in one of six areas.

  • Training and development.

This area involves the determination of what type of skills are needed for certain jobs within an organization. Training can then be developed, taking this information into account.

  • Selection of employees.

Every business needs to get its recruitment process right in order to make sure it has a skilled and dedicated workforce that it needs. There is an area of I-O psychology that helps with this. It is used to create selection questions and tests so that the right person is hired to fill a vacant position.

  • Ergonomic development.

People working in this area are dedicated to helping a business to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury, by designing and/or using safe and efficient procedures and equipment.

  • Performance management.

Performance management plays an important role in ensuring the success of a business. There is an area of I-O psychology that is beneficial in helping to create methods of determining how effectively an employee is performing.

  • Work-life

Maintaining a work-life balance has been increasingly recognized for its importance over recent years. I-O psychology helps to improve life in the workplace by assisting with the design of features such as recognition and reward programs.

  • Organizational development.

I-O psychologists work with businesses and organizations to re-design structures and processes in order to optimize employee satisfaction and productivity, and increase profits.

It’s clear to see that I-O psychology is a vital benefit for any business that wants to optimize its growth and potential.