The Importance of Writing Things Down

As technology continues to advance, fewer and fewer people are writing things down by hand. We now live in a world where people are writing down to-do lists and reminders on a variety of digital devices. Having said that, some successful entrepreneurs and CEOs still swear by writing things down. Surprisingly enough, this old practice offers many benefits.

Handwritten notes and lists on both a personal and professional level are critical to success in business. Global Resources LLC consultants have compiled the following five reasons as to why writing things down is the key the success.

Your Messages Stand Out

Writing out notes by hand can make your messages more likely to get noticed when it comes to communicating with others.

Think about it: when was the last time you received handwritten note or piece of correspondence from a colleague or family member? And yet, hundreds of emails swarm our inbox every day and week. The point is clear – handwritten notes often stand out and make us stop and read them. This can be very powerful

It Shows That You Care

Writing out notes by hand takes a lot more energy and effort than simply sending a text or email. Since your recipient is likely to understand that, he/she will be able to identify the importance of that communication and will likely react in an emotional way on some level too.

It Enhances Morale

When it comes to your own team, delivering handwritten notes to them shows your appreciation for their hard work and can also communicate that emotion more powerfully than a digital message. When your colleagues know that you truly value their work, they are more likely to be content and productive on the job. This is exactly what you want!

It Helps You Remember Important Items

Writing something out by hand can also make the information stand out more in your own mind. The act of physically writing things down forces your brain to understand the words in a different manner than you would by simply saying or typing them down.

It Allows You to Get More Done

The most critical potential benefit of writing things down is greater productivity. When you write things down, you actually focus on each task/item more intently. As you move throughout the day, you’ll find satisfaction in completing each item on your to-do list and subsequently crossing it off.

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