The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Small Business

As you scroll through just about any social media feed, it doesn’t take long to see the various ways video marketing is being used to draw attention to a business or mission.It is no secret that marketing videos will improve your sales. In fact, many people believe that video marketing has a higher ROI than any other medium. Informative branded videos, for example, tend to be very engaging, which can significantly improve your digital marketing plan. With branded videos, you can find ways to be creative and unique.

Videos are an interesting form of marketing because, unlike content, viewers can’t really “skim” through. Rather, they have to essentially watch the entire video in order to find that one, useful piece of information. Nonetheless, Global Resources LLC consultants advise you to adhere to the following four tips when utilizing video marketing:

Engage Your Audience Right Away

Do not waste time with a long introduction. Rather, make it quick and captivating.

Don’t Try to Trick Your Viewers

If your customers feel like you’re trying to mislead them, it will not bode well for you. It’s important for you to be candid and clear.

Offer Beneficial Information

If the content of your video is useful, you’ll start to develop a sense of trust between yourself and your audience.

Keep It Simple and Tell a Story

Don’t drag this out. Deliver a brief, albeit compelling narrative for your viewers.


Due to the highly competitive nature of video marketing, it’s imperative to maintain a unique strategy. Consider the following three methods:

  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Influencer marketing
  • Explainer videos


It’s important for you to post your videos in areas other than on your website or YouTube. Conduct some research in order to identify which platforms work best for you (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). Check out Global Resources Reviews to learn more.

Consider the idea that video marketing isn’t about being a salesman. You have very limited time to grab your audience’s attention. Generate a plan, make it engaging, and tell your story.