Identify the Best Social Media Platforms for your Business

While most associate social media with friends’ photos and angry political interactions, this emergent form of communication actually has far more to offer to a business that harnesses its ever-growing potential. The Yellow Pages have been tossed by the wayside in favor of new opportunities to advertise your business and grow your revenue – all online, often for prices that scale with your needs.

But not all social media platforms are alike, both in structure and in the primary audience. While a diversified social media presence is the best method engaging today’s digitally-attuned consumers, your business’ best bet is to select social media platforms that make the most optimal use of their existing resources.

Consider checking out the following social media platforms today to learn about what they can offer your business’ bottom line. Global Resources LLC reviews are another great place to learn about information to sustainably grow your business’ customer base.


As the largest player in the social media industry, it’s no wonder why so many companies have already created business-centric pages on Facebook. This platform has the largest and broadest audience by far – nearly 2 billion users per month – making it the best platform for advertising.

In addition, Facebook’s built-in SEO functionalities make it a great onboarding location for prospective customers researching their next product or service purchased through a search engine.

Facebook is also a very visual medium, in part due to its ownership of photo-blogging platform Instagram. As such, this is also a great platform for uploading videos and photos through a familiar interface. Just remember to optimize your content for mobile use because over 90% of Facebook’s users access the platform from their mobile app.


Though it originated as a job searching platform, LinkedIn has evolved into the professional social media platform of choice. On this platform, businesses publish market-relevant content, network with other companies, and establish their personal brand in their respective industries. As such, any business that provides professional services to other businesses shouldn’t pass over the opportunity to build a robust LinkedIn presence.

That being said, LinkedIn hasn’t left its origins behind. Through its proprietary algorithms, LinkedIn today is able to match prospective employees with job openings listed by your business in mere minutes. With a major portion of the American workforce maintaining a LinkedIn profile, you certainly shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn if you ever expect to hire new, high-quality employees.


Streaming video continues to gain more attention from online consumers due to its growing availability and increasing integration with existing social media platforms. If you provide a product or service that would benefit from visual advertisement, then YouTube is the way to go. With free accounts and user-friendly interface, YouTube is certainly the best option for uploading business-related videos.

Recently, YouTube has made it even easier to advertise on its platform. All you need to do is upload a relevant video and then adjust a few settings to allow it to be served as an ad on other users’ videos. Soon enough, you’ll be able to draw in fresh revenue through YouTube.

Some Alternate Platforms

Of course, these aren’t the only social media platforms on the block. Other major platforms of interesting include Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and more. Each of these platforms makes use of certain content formats and targets specific demographic subsets, so be sure to do your social media marketing research before investing resources into your company’s newly-established social media portfolio.