How to Evaluate Employees

Many small business owners rack their brains on designing the proper job interview to meet their company’s needs for any given role. This should always be a point of emphasis, but many entrepreneurs don’t consider how to objectively evaluate a worker’s performance moving forward.

Managers either fall back on outdated forms of evaluations or criteria that don’t even match their industry’s niche. Even worse, some companies don’t even bother to keep concrete records of workers moving forward.

Establishing a set protocol for evaluating work performance can be a great way to track how productive your hiring system is moving forward, always making sure that you are securing the best workforce possible.

Value Performance Over All Else

Some employees can be hard to negotiate with on a given day but still be excellent workers. Senior management and entrepreneurs should not allow emotions to get in the way and consider each employee’s contributions to the firm’s ultimate mission.

Don’t let anyone’s personal preferences get in the way of losing a great team member, but also be flexible when considering a toxic employee who is a great performer at the moment but can bring the firm’s overall production down over time.

Establish Standards

Another way of making sure that your managers are making fair decisions is by establishing clear parameters for them. Creating a clear scoring rubric for interviewees can clean up any confusion and make sure that candidates are being graded on a fair basis.

Set Goals Going Forward

Don’t hold your workers’ feet to the fire at every turn, but successful entrepreneurs would do well to advise their managers of what to look for as a new hire is introduced and learns the ropes.

Establish a timeline moving forward for what skills/knowledge your new employees should demonstrate as they evolve.

This can be a great way to gauge how your hiring process is functioning going forward, so you know if your business can handle employees that only demonstrate basic skills but are highly trainable.

Be Open to Conversations

Never forget that all of your employees are human beings. Everyone is always dealing with some sort of challenge (much like you are as a small business owner). If you notice a dip in production, never be afraid to encourage your managers or hesitate to ask your crew what’s going on in their life.

Some might be experiencing a family tragedy or a personal illness and be struggling professionally despite their best efforts. This makes having meticulous performance notes without being too judgmental especially important.

A struggling employee showing up to work should be a mark for rather than against his or her dedication to your firm. Track work performance but never immediately cut someone who has suddenly fallen in performance.

Showing that you care about someone’s life outside of the office can make them feel valued and double their efforts once they can right the ship and return to work.

No matter what stage you need tips on, from the hiring process, to further work evaluations, Reviews for Global Resources LLC has advice for every step of the way.