How to Do Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more prominent, especially in 2018. In 2017, as many as 63 percent of digital marketing departments increased money allocation for influencer marketing alone, according to Bloglovin. There are several reasons for the rise of influencer marketing. One big reason is Generation Z. The youngest of consumers are not swayed easily by other forms of marketing such as video or content. They are most likely to make a purchase if their favorite celebrity has endorsed it.

Influencer marketing is also driven by the fact that platforms like Facebook are veering away from promoted posts. Instead of brands creating and promoting content, it’s easier to get an influencer to directly promote the brand.

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is hip right now. It’s also quite beneficial. Here is how Global Resources LLC consultants advise small businesses to take advantage of influencer marketing to push products:

The Influencer Must Reach Your Target Audience – When you look for influencer endorsements, don’t look for celebs with the most number of followers. What really matters is whether the influencer has a large number of people from your brand’s target audience following them. Therefore, find influencers who directly reach out to your target audience, regardless of how their overall followings are.

Find Influencers Who Can Drive Traffic – Once you have paid an influencer, there should be demonstrable benefits with incoming traffic. At first, it can be difficult to find influencers who are effective. To overcome this obstacle, analyze traffic generated by influencer posts. Then your brand will be able to isolate the most effective influencers and increase ROI.

Not All Influencers are Mega Celebrities – Keep in mind that all influencers are not Hollywood A-list celebrities. There are also micro influencers that your brand can benefit from. Micro influencers are regular people with massive social media followings. They may not be actors or singers, but rather everyday vloggers, podcasters, and Instagrammers. As long as these micro influencers have significant followings that reflect your target audience, they could be immensely advantageous for your brand. Plus, these influencers cost less.

Influencer marketing is getting more and more important in the current consumer market landscape. Therefore, go grab and influencer before the competition does. To learn more about improving your brand’s marketing tactics, go to