Earth Day Activities for Your Small Business

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, there are some creative ways for your small business to partake in eco-friendly activities. Surprisingly, many of these activities can make your office more energy-efficient and might even spark some inspiration within your office.

Global Resources LLC consultants suggest the following seven activities to make the most of Earth Day in 2018.

Plant a Tree

We know you love greenery. Earth Day is a great opportunity to plant a tree in the communal space outside of your office or storefront. Assemble your team to add some greenery and discuss how trees improve air quality.

Clean Up Your Community

Cleaning up areas of your community, such as a local park, can help reduce pollution and also serve as a great team-building activity (especially for employees who are environmentally conscious). You can even invite some of your best partners and top clients to help you in your efforts.

Volunteer with an Environmental Group

With the plethora of environmental non-profits around the U.S., many are likely to host their own clean-up and eco-friendly efforts on and around Earth Day. Take some time to support their mission on this special day and network with other members of the community.

Create a Garden on Your Rooftop

Feel free to add some greenery by initiating a garden on your rooftop or even by simply have plants along your window sills. In doing so, you can grow fresh vegetables to use in your kitchen.

Establish a Printer Policy

Having a concrete printer policy can result in some tremendous environmental benefits. For example, you can save paper by specifying when employees should be using digital copies of documents instead of hard copies.

Install Timers for Lights

You can always make your business greener by preserving electricity. Consider installing light timers so they turn off automatically if/when they don’t sense movement in a room for a period of time.

Carpool When You Can

Starting a carpool is not only environmentally friendly, it is also a lot of fun. By carpooling, you will decrease the amount of pollution let into the air in your area.

As Earth Day approaches, consider following some of these eco-friendly tips in order to make your small business greener. Your employees, partners, and clients alike will all appreciate the efforts and you will certainly make a positive statement in the process. Check out Global Resources Reviews to learn more.