Daily Habits to Increase Social Media Followers

Most small businesses fail to understand that growing a social media presence is a task that requires daily attention. It’s not sufficient to post a message on Facebook one week and wait another month until the next post. Using social media is a daily habit for your target audience. Therefore, it should be a daily habit for the company’s marketing plan as well. Here are several tips from Global Resources LLC consultants on how to ensure a growing social media presence for your company and brand:

Post Several Times a Week

Ideally, you should update all your social media profiles on a daily basis. If that’s not possible, update at least several times a week. Make sure there’s at least one update during the weekend, when people are likely to be spending time online. If updating in this manner is not possible, use a tool like Postfifty to schedule posts in advance.

Use Optimal Times for Posting

There’s little point in creating a great Facebook post or uploading a really great Instagram photo if no one in your target audience is online to see it. Keep in mind that social media feeds get updated every minute. If you update at the wrong time, it’s possible that the post will be ignored altogether. Therefore, collect data to determine the optimal time for posting. Which days of the week and what time during the day are your brand’s followers most active? Post during these times to optimize viewing, liking, and sharing.

Respond to User Feedback

It’s very important to invest in a daily social media screener to respond to user comments, posts, or feedback on any other form. Ideally, the company should respond within 24 hours. The aim of using social media is to build intimate relationships with potential customers so they stay loyal. You cannot achieve this goal if user comments are ignored.

Engagement is the secret to making social media marketing a success. The above tips cover the basics of engagement that any company can achieve with relative ease. For more advice, contact us at GR-US.com.