Create an Amazing (and Eye-Catching) Website to Boost Your Business

Websites are a crucial element to any business. However, not many take the time to create an eye-catching webpage.

For many consumers, the website of a company is the first thing they check out. Many will even judge the business based on what their website is like.

Take your website seriously and create an eye-catching page that will help boost your business. The following seven tips from Global Resources LLC will help you out.

Keep Things Simple

First things first – keep it simple. If you have too many things going on with your website, it ends up being distracting to the reader. Keep things simple by going with clean elements and straight-to-the-point content.

Where Do You Want the Eye to Go?

Although you can’t completely control the eyes of the visitor, you can guide them to the areas you want them to go to.  By using headings, subheadings, bold text, and blocks, you can make a portion of the website standout that will draw in the reader.

Use the Right Colors

Colors can play a major role in your website. Certain colors bring out different emotions in people. For example, red is a warning color while green means go (following with stop lights). When you put the two together though, you create a sense of Christmas. Knowing what each color represents and what happens when you pair them together will help dictate which color pallet to use.

Consider Adding Videos

Video visualizations are an excellent tool for websites. They can showcase things that text and images just cannot do. If you’ve ever loaded a webpage that has a video playing in the background when it loads, it likely draws you in to watch it. You keep the visitor for more than a couple of seconds.

If you go this route, you want the video to be slow, smooth, and calming. Sharp transitions can quickly become distracting.

Easily Accessible Menu

What’s something that can make visitors easily frustrated when visiting a website? Not knowing where to go.

The menu to different pages needs to be easily accessible no matter where they are on your website. You want to make the site as easy as possible. If not and the visitor gets frustrated, they’ll go somewhere else.

Spend Time on the Homepage

Your homepage is likely to have the most attention. It is the first thing that will pop up when someone Google’s your business name. That is the page to focus on, as you want to draw in the visitor instantly.

All of these tips above, use them to develop your home page. That isn’t to say you don’t have to focus on the rest of the website. However, if anything, make the homepage your primary focus.

Have a Call to Action

Especially on the homepage, your website should have a call to action. This is something that you’re (politely) telling the visitor to do. For example, if you’re selling a service that requires an account, have a button that says “Sign Up Today” that will direct them to create an account.

The call to action should be easily visible and stand out against everything else on the webpage.