Cost-Saving Tips for Your Office Holiday Party

The business consultants at Global Resources have the expertise to help small and medium – size businesses achieve success.  During the busy holiday season, we have noticed many business owners have questions about holiday parties for the office.

Here are popular cost-saving tips that many small business owners are following this holiday season:

  • Host a Lunch Event or Make Your Dinner Business Casual – It is always more cost-effective to build the holiday party event catering from a luncheon menu as opposed to a dinner menu. Not only will the menu options save money, but a daytime event during the week can also cut the guest list in half by limiting guests to employees or clients only with no spouses or personal guests.
  • Consider Co-Hosting the Holiday Event – Co-hosting the holiday party with another association, professional group, another internal department or even important business partners can help defray costs, while also providing networking opportunities to your group.
  • Limit Alcoholic Beverages – Many more organizations have been doing this in the last few years. A couple successful strategies include offering a signature drink, limiting options to beer and wine or offering a two drink maximum. Another suggestion is to eliminate alcoholic beverages completely, which also eliminates any potential liability. Know your organization and opt for a strategy that will suit as many people as possible without carrying the costs of an open bar.
  • Opt for Mini-Desserts Rather than Full Servings – The rule of thumb is that most guests take two bites of dessert and the remainder gets tossed. Avoid this costly waste by setting up a dessert station with small portions and smaller quantities, where guests can help themselves to bite-size or appetizer-like portions of only what they like.

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