Common Reasons Why Employees Turn Down Promotions

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Time after time, we have seen business owners surprised when employees turn down promotion offers.  However, there are four common reasons why your staff member may be opting to refuse your proposal.

  1. Long-term path – We know it’s typically easier to promote from within. Unfortunately, this may lead some business owners to consider candidates who aren’t necessarily the best fit. A strong professional will look at the opportunity objectively and be honest if it’s not in line with their long-term career goals.
  2. Set-up for failure – Let’s face it- many offices have that one position that seems like a revolving door. No matter who comes in, within a year or two, they leave the company. If an employee is asked to fill that revolving position, they may be weary of the change. If they’re currently in a successful role that’s well-defined and being asked to move into a role that’s not defined, there may be hesitation.
  3. Too much responsibility – Business leaders and managers are working longer hours at the office, spending more time logging on while away from the desk and taking fewer vacations. According to Ernst & Young’s Global Generation research, 40% of managers spend more time at work than they used to.  Some employees may be happy with the work and life balance they already maintain, which may lead to refusing a promotion.
  4. More work, less pay – A promotion in the small business arena may mean switching from hourly pay to an annual salary.  Since this typically eliminates overtime pay, it can actually mean less money for the employee. Be sure to talk to your employee about realistic pay expectations and try to be as fair and competitive as possible.

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