4 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

Do you struggle to stay motivated? Whether it be at work or for something personal, staying motivated can be difficult. There are so many distractions around us on a daily basis that can easily grab our attention. From cell phones to computers to noises outside, theirs is always something that will steal your attention, even for just a moment.

If you’ve done even one task, say at school or at work, you know the importance of staying focused and motivated. Without that motivation, it will be hard to finish your tasks and reach your goals.

So, how do we stay motivated? Global Resources Reviews has a few tips that may help.

Visualize the Result You Want

Now, you may be thinking, how does visualizing help me while I’m at work? Instead of imagining what the end of the job is supposed to look like, visualize what you get after you finish. Maybe you get to leave early that day, or it could be more significant like a pay raise or a promotion.

For other situations, visualize the result that you want. When you have that image in your head, it will help give you the push to achieve your goal. Maybe you’re struggling to stay motivated to workout. Think about what you want the end to look like. It will help you realize that only working at it will get the results you want.

Make Small Goals or Steps

If you have a large task at hand, this one will be especially helpful. Sometimes, we struggle to stay motivated because that job is so big. Instead of tackling it as one big job, break it into small goals and write them out.

There are two things you’ll gain from this. One is that it makes the task more manageable. The other is that each goal you complete will be a little pat on the back. It may give you the boost to move to the next goal.

Stay Organized

Clutter and messes won’t help you stay motivated. Instead, they actually can make you feel more stressed and uncomfortable. That is why you should keep yourself organized and the area you’re working in clean.

Staying organized also means for your brain as well. If you have too many things going through your mind, it will be difficult to focus on the task at hand. Get in the habit of writing out your thoughts in a journal or a list to organize what is a priority and what can wait.

Ask Yourself Why You’re Doing This

It would help if you had a reason why you are doing something. If it’s a task at work, you may be doing this because it’s required of you. If you’re struggling to stay motivated to clean up the closet, you may be doing this to get more organized and to find things you can sell.

If you have no reason as to why you are doing the task, it may be a sign that it isn’t meant for you.

These are only a few tricks to help you stay motivated. They may work for some but not for others. Staying motivated is personal and will differ with each person. However, it never hurts to try.

Grow Your Social Media Presence for Small Businesses

Everyone in today’s corporate world knows how important it is to have a social media presence. It’s a way to communicate with your customers and clients on a daily basis, interact with them, and to reach out to a broader audience. There are many benefits to having a social media presence for your business. However, it isn’t always easy.

You can send yourself or an employee to different courses and conferences on social media skills, or you could even hire someone who specializes in social media engagement. But for small businesses, sometimes the money isn’t always there to do these things. Instead, you want to find simple tips to help you improve your social media accounts yourself.

Global Resources (GR-US.com) wants to help your business succeed. Try the following four tips to help you improve your social media presence for your company.

Use the Right Platforms

Think about which social media platforms best suit your business culture. There are multiple different networks you can utilize, but some may work better than others for your company.

Facebook is always a good one for any business to use. Because Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms out there, you can stay in touch and engage with all your customers and clients on a regular basis.

Instagram is an excellent way to give those who follow your business a different way to interact with you. With their daily stories, you can provide a behind-the-scenes look of what goes on at work. You can also have a lot of fun with posting different styles of pictures to figure out what catches people’s attention the best.

Have a Plan

Utilizing social media can become overwhelming very quickly unless you have a strategy. Your social media plan should include who your target audience is (their age, gender, area, and other descriptions of who your business attracts), what you’ll post about, what time you’ll post, how often, and what content will go on which platform. Regular and consistent posting will help keep your audience engaged.

Engage With Your Audience

It’s one thing to have a consistent posting schedule with great content. However, if you can yourself engage with your audience, it will take your social media presence to a whole new level. The public appreciates when you interact with them and answer any questions they have online.

Interacting on your social media account allows you to take control of what is going on in the online world. When people start to comment on your content, you can comment back and show appreciation, answer questions, control any negative comments, and continue on important conversations.

Promote Only When Necessary

Many businesses think that social media is only there to promote your brand and what you sell. While that is somewhat true, social media is also a way to interact with your customers and clients. If all you do is post pictures and statuses that promote an item and tell people to buy something, you’ll quickly lose their attention.

Instead, spend more time using social media to communicate, and sneak in promotional posts now and then. Following the ‘Pareto Principle’ will help you stay on track.

5 Tips for Adjusting to a New Role at Work

Whether you are starting a new job, have recently been promoted, or newly promoted an employee, adjusting to the new role at work can be challenging. At this point, you want to do everything you can to impress those around you, and to show that you deserve to be where you are. However, you also want to have a good impression towards the employees and management around you as to not develop a poor reputation.

Adjusting to a new role at work isn’t always easy. But with a bit of help from those around you and taking a deep breath to relax, you’ll be able to quickly adjust so that you can thrive in your new role.

Global Resources LLC Reviews can help you succeed in your new role at work by utilizing the following five tips.

Realize it Takes Time

Before anything, you want to understand that it will take some time before you’re completely comfortable at your new job, and know what you need to do. Don’t panic and be hard on yourself if you haven’t mastered every aspect of your role in the first few weeks, or that you know everyone’s name around you. Work at a comfortable pace as to not overwhelm yourself.

Adjust to the Culture Around You

As someone stepping into a new role, you’ll want to adjust to the new environment around you. Even if you’re working at the same company but moved to a different level or department, you’ll want to adapt to the surrounding already established. It won’t be fair, nor will other’s be too thrilled if you expect for them to adapt to what you bring with you.

That isn’t to say that you cannot contribute and bring a different feel or improvements to the already established environment. Once you’ve been at your new role long enough and have gained the respect and reputation needed, you can then start to suggest changes or improvements you think will benefit everyone else around.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask many questions, especially during the first couple of months in your new role. The beginning is a crucial time to gather as much information as you can from those around you. Make an effort and show initiative by going to the right people to help you when needed. It speaks a lot on your end if you are willing to accept help and acknowledge when you need it.

Develop a New Routine

Your routine is likely to change once you move to a different position or a different job altogether. Find ways that work for you to help improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the office. Once you have that routine figured out, it will help you feel more comfortable at your new position.

Make Goals

A simple way to keep you on track and on task is by setting goals. This is an excellent strategy for those at a new job. Write down what you want to accomplish by the end of the day, week, and month. Include more long-term goals like what you want to know by the end of three months, or what you hope to improve on by the end of the year.

5 Ways You Can Make Your Small Business More Productive

If you own a small business, you know the struggles of trying to get everything done in one day. Chances are your to-do list is never-ending, and it becomes almost overwhelming. As a small business owner, it is either yourself or maybe a few other people working alongside you to make the company successful.

If you’ve been wondering how your small business can become more productive, you’ve come to the right place. Global Resources Reviews understands the struggles small business owners have when it comes to getting everything done. We have a few tips that will help your business become more productive and continue to thrive.


One of the best steps you can take to become more productive is to prioritize your to-do list. There is no sense of working on a task that can wait a few days over something that you need to finish right away.

Go through all the jobs that need to be done. Prioritize based on urgent, soon, and can wait. You can even color code them to help keep you more organized. The point is to bring all the tasks that are urgent to the top of your list, and all the jobs that are long-term or can wait to the bottom of the list.

Delegate Where You Can

There are some tasks that only the business owner and manager can handle. But there are many jobs that you can delegate to staff members. Take a look at your prioritized list and see which jobs you pass on to someone else so that you can focus on the more important tasks.

Avoid Multitasking

Many think multitasking is a good way to be productive. However, many studies show that multitasking does the opposite. When you do more than one task at a time, your mind cannot solely focus on one thing. It will end up taking you a lot longer to accomplish both of those tasks rather than tackling one before moving on to the next.

Utilize Collaboration Tools

If you struggle with keeping all of the jobs in a day organized, try testing out different collaboration tools. You can have a whiteboard in which you write down what needs to be done in the day. There are also websites and apps you can download so you can assign tasks to someone and communicate right there with them.

Take Care of Yourself

It will be difficult for you to be productive throughout the day if you’re exhausted. Taking care of yourself by eating regularly, having healthy snacks, sleeping, and exercising will all contribute to being more alert and productive.

Have healthy snacks around the office for not just you, but all of your team members to eat. Many snacks will give you a boost of energy to carry you throughout the day. Schedule in breaks to let your mind rest. Go outside for a walk or do a simple stretch. Anything that takes your mind away from work for a few minutes will help your brain rest and be ready to get back to work.

By implementing some of these simple changes in your daily routine, you’ll soon notice a boost in productivity in yourself and everyone around you. Staying healthy, prioritizing, and learning to delegate will all contribute to a more productive workplace.

Successfully Start a Business From Your Home

Are you thinking about starting up a business from your home? Many great ideas can become a successful business right from the comfort of your house. The problem, however, is not every idea, and not every person should be self-employed at home.

Working from home requires a lot of dedication, motivation, and passion for what you’re doing. You are responsible for completing all your tasks, keeping track of your income and expenses, and everything else needed to have a functioning business. There is no boss next door making sure you stay on task. It is all up to you.

Once you get your business idea up and running, though, it can be extremely rewarding. To help you get started, Global Resources LLC came up with a list of steps for the beginning stages of starting your own business from home.


What Are You Good At?

First things to consider is what you’re good at. You won’t take your business very far if you’re not very good at the required skill. Take a moment to thoroughly evaluate all your skills and talents you have, and make a note of what you could offer with them. Those could be potential business ideas.

Examine Yourself

You may have a decent idea for an at-home business, but if you do not have the entrepreneurial skills needed to run a business, it likely will not be successful. Take a look at yourself before moving forward. Although this can be hard to do, you want to ensure you have the right traits to be self-employed successfully.

Come Up With Business Ideas

If you’ve evaluated yourself and determined you have the traits to be self-employed, and you have skills to offer, then it is time to come up with business ideas. Take the list of skills and brainstorm different business opportunities they possess.

For example, if you are crafty and creative, you could start a business in which you sell items you make. If you enjoy math and are good at accounting, you could have a bookkeeping business.

Test Them at Home

Once you have all of your business ideas figured out, you need to determine if they will actually work as an at-home business. If you’re going to create a product to sell, do you have the space required? Would your bookkeeping service need clients to come over? If that was the case, then having an office outside of the home would be ideal.

Develop a Plan

Now that you’ve narrowed down your ideas to something solid, it’s time to create a business plan. This plan is a crucial step and not something to quickly put together. Your business plan will help you decide if your idea will be successful or not.

Start with a definition of your business – what your services are and what the brand will be. You’ll want to include any expenses required to start up your idea and determine your projected income.

The business plan will be the heart of your company. The more research and detail you put into it, the better chance you have of succeeding. You’ll want to have this handy, so you can refer back to it as you get things started.

5 Small Business Mishaps to Watch Out For

If you talk with any business owner, chances are you will hear stories of failures and challenges they faced to get to where they are today. That is because when you open up a business, it won’t always be easy. There will be mishaps along your journey, and how you get through them will determine if you succeed, or end up closing doors.

Some mistakes are inevitable that you must go through. Others, though, are avoidable. If you can watch for them, you can then prepare yourself or even dodge them altogether. So, here are five small business mishaps to watch out for.

Partner Issues

Many small businesses will start off with a partner. The initial cost and workforce of running a business can be too much for one person. So, by bringing on a partner, you can get the doors open without spending all your money and energy.

The problem, though, is that not everyone works together as a business partner. Just because you’re friends, that doesn’t mean you will be excellent together making business decisions.

Getting Too Comfortable

There will come a time when your business would benefit from you taking a few risks. Whether it be from bringing in a new product, changing your hours, or bringing in investors, having faith in your business and taking a risk is sometimes needed.

Being Consumed By Your Business

It is easy for the business owner to get completely consumed by their company. They are the heart of the business and the reason why it is up and running. But if you let yourself get overwhelmed, you’ll soon lose the joy you initially had and miss out on your personal life.

Ask for help when needed. From friends and family to companies like GR-US.com, asking for help is not a sign of weakness in business.

Not Having Enough Control

Finding the balance between giving control to employees you trust and having total authority over everything is hard. You want to show employees that you have faith in them to make decisions and do their job, but you also don’t want to give up all control completely. Certain aspects of your business are fine to leave with a trusted employee. However, other areas like finances should be left solely to you.


A new small business, you want to find ways to draw in customers and clients. One way is by being competitive with your pricing. The problem though is it will be hard to make valuable money from the start, and when the time comes that you can raise your prices, you may actually upset your clientele.

5 Tips to Help You Manage Your Small Business

Starting off your small business is an exciting time. You watch your idea grow and turn into a successfully run company that can support your whole family. With that excitement, though, there will come some hardships and challenges.

It takes time and dedication to get your new business up and running. Chances are, this is something new for you in which you will need to maneuver your way through everything thrown at you. When you make it out on the other side though, you’ll be glad you took on the challenge.

Not everything has to be difficult. With a little bit of research and help, you can get to running your business as quickly and smoothly as possible. Global Resources LLC Reviews has a few tips to help you manage your small business.

Set Up an Official Business Entity

It may not seem like something you need to worry about at the start, but as the owner of your business, you should set it up as a separate entity right from the start.

Most likely your business won’t come into too much, or any legal trouble. However, if something was to occur that could put you in hot water, having the protection from day one should ease your mind through a stressful situation.

Separate Personal and Business Finances

Again, at the start of your business, it may not seem like an issue to run your business expenses through your personal account. Opening a business bank account can be a little pricey. But to save you from a lot of confusion and frustration come tax time, keeping business and personal expenses separated is highly recommended.

Invest In Yourself

You are the reason why the business started in the first place. Without you, the idea would have stayed as an idea. So, with that in mind, invest in yourself. If there are educational courses available which will improve the needed skills to run your company, take them. It’s better to spend the money now to gain the knowledge, rather than spend more time and money going through trial and error.

Don’t Multi-Task

We should know by now that multi-tasking just isn’t a thing. We cannot focus on multiple tasks at one time and proficiently complete them. You may think you can sift through emails while on a conference call. However, you likely only gather pieces of information from both of them. Instead, focus on the task at hand first before moving on to the next one.

Take Time for Home Life

At the end of the day, try and leave work at work. As a business owner, you’ll be busy for the majority of the day. You will, though, need to take some time for yourself and your family to decompress and recharge.

4 Things a Small Business Owner Should Do to Ensure Success

When you start up a business, you do so with the intent that it will succeed. For some, once you open up the doors for the first time, the company thrives. While for others, it will require extra hard work and dedication to get their business successfully up and running.

Whether you are just starting out or needing to improve our business, here are four things a small business owner should do to ensure the company’s success.

Excel in Customer Service

Customer service is critical for any business. Clients and customers are more likely to come back if you treat them well. Poor customer service and you can expect that they won’t be back anytime soon.

In fact, customer service is so important that a study found 9 in 10 customers would go to your competitor if you provide poor customer service. So, the key to success – be the best in customer service.

Have an Online Presence

You don’t have to understand it all the time, but your company should have an online presence. Having a website can help bring in more traffic and sales. Many consumers like to research a company online before committing to them.

An online presence also means social media. Creating a Facebook page or Instagram account allows you to share information about the company and to give customers a behind-the-scenes look that can be enticing.

Be Personable and Authentic

Many consumers prefer small businesses because of the connection and relationships they can easily develop with the staff and business owner. When you make your company more personable, it creates a welcoming atmosphere that can help draw in more clientele.

Authenticity is also crucial to the success of a business. When you develop your brand, stick to it. Stay true to what you believe in your business to be, and how you want your customers to feel. Authenticity goes a long way in the business world.

Have Goals and a Plan

Developing somewhat of a structured plan (there should be a bit of flexibility) will help your business out. When you have a plan, it allows you to clearly lay out your ideas and expectations of how you want your business to run. If you have employees, this plan will help to keep them focused as well.

Your plan should also include goals, both short-term and long-term. Setting goals is an excellent way to keep you motivated and pursuing your business plan. When you meet a goal, reward yourself and the company for a job well done.

For more information on how to succeed in a small business, check out Global Resources Reviews.

5 Reasons Why Your Customers May Be Unhappy

One of the most critical aspects of a business is having excellent customer service. With poor customer service, you’ll probably see your clientele making their way to your competition’s store because they will likely feel more welcomed there.

Unhappy customers can take your excellent business and drive it to the ground with bad reviews. It’s important to take note of what could be making your clients unhappy. Once you know what their reasons are, you can then start to make the changes to keep your customers happy.

Global Resources LLC has five reasons why your customers may be unhappy with your business.

Unresolved Issues

One way to ensure you have an unhappy customer walk out the door is by not resolving any issues they have. When a customer comes to your business, they want you to take care of them. If you cannot, they will go somewhere else that can.

How do you fix this? By making sure you have the equipment required, and that all your staff has adequate training to know what to do. When one worker says one thing, and someone else says something different, it will be confusing for the customers.

Long Wait Times

If your business has a customer service line, requires appointments, or simply having to wait to go to the register long wait times can quickly become frustrating for customers. We live in a world that is always on the go. If your business cannot keep up with the fast pace of life, you may end up left behind.


Whether it be for a meeting, sending an email, delivering a package, or billing clients, when they have to wait longer than what you initially intended (especially without any warning or reason), there’s a good chance they will not be a returning customer.

Be prompt and on time as much as you can. If there is a delay for any reason, make sure you let the customer know.

Poor Genuine Service

Even if everything is going wrong that day, all of your electronics aren’t working, and you’re behind in sending out invoices or ringing people through the till, being genuine and polite can rectify many situations. Excellent customer service should include personable interactions that are respectful and sincere.

Revenue Focused Over Customer Focus

Clientele will notice when a business’s primary focus is on the bottom end rather than drawing in and keeping customers. They can tell by the way they are treated. When companies become disconnected from their customers, they lose sight as to what they are looking for, and how they can shape their business to suit them better.

5 Businesses That Can Exploit the Changing Retail Mall Market

Malls are undergoing a significant and rapid change. As the way consumers shop changes, malls are losing the big department stores that were their traditional long-term tenants. While that news isn’t great for mall owners, it can be good news for small business owners.

Vacant retail space in malls is detrimental to communities, which lost jobs for residents, as well as income from retail sales tax. Mall owners as well as city leaders, of course, want to fill these empty spaces.

Here are 5 things Global Resources LLC experts predict will fill vacant mall space, and ways both retail and non-retail businesses can take advantage of them.

Rental or Resale Shop

According to research, alternatives to traditional retail (rental and resale) will take billions of dollars in spending from traditional retail channels by 2023. While rental and resale businesses may not make enough money to support rents in large shopping centers, open spaces in strip malls could mean greater opportunity.

Pop-up Shops

Pop-up stores in malls and shopping centers will become increasingly popular as a method of satisfying consumers’ desire for new experiences. If you own an eCommerce business, you could use a pop-up shop to link up with local customers in person, build excitement about a new product line or limited-term product release, or satisfy the demand for your product/service during the holidays.


Limited-time events are another way malls will use empty space. Both retail and non-retail businesses can exploit this trend. For example, an apparel retailer could host a back-to-school fashion show for youngsters. There are ways for you to find out what events are planned at your local mall and how your business could be a part of them.

Service Businesses

Consumer spending on products (as opposed to services) dropped significantly between 2000 and 2017. This will most likely continue later than 2020 since consumers will spend billions of dollars more on discretionary services. Generally speaking, more malls will fill vacancies with service providers so shoppers can handle more of their needs with one trip. Malls with mixed-use retail and residential space offer a great deal of potential for service businesses. Those residents need services such as hair and nail salons, pet grooming services, and more.

Office Space

Certain empty spaces in shopping centers will be converted to offices or co-working spaces. This could be an opportunity for you to buy desirable commercial office space. The convenience of working in a mall location could even help you attract and keep employees.

Check out Global Resources Reviews to learn more.