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The Art of Converting New Leads: 5 Tips to Draw in More Clients

How do you grow your business? By bringing in new paying customers and clients. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an easy thing to achieve.

As necessary as it is to keep your existing customer base happy and loyal, you’ll reach the point where you need to bring in new leads for your business to thrive. Many entrepreneurs find out right away how challenging that can be. With the right guidance, though, you’ll slowly be able to increase your customer base to become more profitable.

Global Resources LLC Reviews has five tips to help you convert new leads that will increase your revenue.

Offer a New Client Deal

One of the best methods is to offer new client promotions. Whether it’s free items or services at a discounted price, offering an incentive is an easy way to entice new customers to try out your business.  It allows the person to see what your company is about without having to invest too much.

Have a Thorough FAQ Webpage

Sometimes, all new customers need is a few questions answered before becoming a loyal client. Having a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that details answers to common inquiries can help relieve any concerns someone has before investing in your company.

Follow-Up with Potential Customer

When you offer a deal or have someone who expresses interest in your business, offering a follow-up is another excellent conversion tactic. A follow-up does a few things. First, it shows that your company cares about the person to personally reach out and ask how their experience was.

Secondly, a follow-up allows you to gather information on what is and isn’t working with your company. They may have valuable information that could help you convert the next potential customer.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching out to new clients and converting them. Depending on the type of business you have, that will help frame your social media plan.

For companies that offer services, doing demonstrations on Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube can give your viewers a taste of what you have to offer. Your social media accounts are also an excellent way to push sales, promotions, explain why someone should be a customer, and for you to engage with your followers.

Make an Actionable Request

Have you tried asking for a sale from the potential client? It’s all in what and how you ask it. Make an actionable request.

Whether you’re sending an email or talking face-to-face, ask them if they’re ready to buy this product or ready to try this service. Your simple request could provide the push to close the sale.

Why is it important to keep looking for new customers? If you plan to grow your business, your current clientele can only support you so much. As you increase your customer base, you bring in more opportunities for sales with each person.

As you reach out for new customers, remember to spend time pampering your loyal customer base. If you switch your focus too much on new recruitments and forget about the ones who already support you, they may end up leaving.

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6 Tips for Successfully Expanding Your Business

Expanding your business is a dream for many entrepreneurs. Whether it’s adding a second location, increasing your building size, or even bringing on additional team members, the expansion process means good things; it means you’re growing.

Through all the growing excitement does come the expansion stress. There is a lot of work that goes into expanding a business. If not done too quickly and not planned out, expanding can backfire for your company.

At GR-US.com, we want your business to be successful expand. The following six tips will help get you there.

Ensure the Timing is Right

Although you can’t always nail the timing on growth, you can try to expand at the wrong time. Before you begin with anything, first make sure the timing is right to expand.

Look at the economy and your local market. If things are slowing down, it could be a sign to rethink your expansion. How are your sales? You’ll want to have several consecutive months of record sales and new customers to ensure you can stay afloat while expanding.

Offer Something New to Your Company

Start by offering something new to your clientele. Maybe it’s a new service or a new product. Whatever you decide, offering something new to people helps in multiple ways.

To start, you’re offering a new revenue source with current and new customers. The additional can also draw in new customers who wouldn’t otherwise have joined.

Look at Your Business Plan

Ideally, your business plan has a starting point for your expansion, even if it looks a bit different. Your business plan should have sections that discuss the future and what it would look like for your company. Referencing back to your business plan can help you check that you’re ready for expansion and keep you on the best path for your company.

Stay Active on Social Media

Now is not the time to take a step back on social media. In fact, it’s the opposite. As you grow and look at expanding, you’ll want to boost your social media strategy to engage with new clientele.

Staying active on social media also allows you to promote anything new happening, show behind the scenes if you’re expanding your building, and even make special announcements of your company’s going on.

See What Your Customers Want

Your business is serving your customers. What better way to see what will help you expand then learning from who dictates how you grow? Asking your customers what they want and don’t want can help you gauge the direction you take. Not only that but if you start offering something highly requested, it will make your company look very good.

Start Networking

Part of growing and expanding is networking. When you network with other local businesses and clients, it builds valuable relationships that could greatly benefit your company.

Many businesses have partnership programs with local companies, in which they offer discounts and services to employees. In return, there is usually some kind of promotion done to get the word out in the community. Your partnered business could have a different clientele base that could benefit you.

Get excited about expanding, but do so cautiously. Remember that expanding too quickly could cause you to fall behind.

Cultivate from inception.

Negotiate Like a Pro: 6 Tips for Successful Business Negotiations

Business negotiations can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done them before. Whether you’re making a deal for something simple, building a partnership, or even looking to sell a portion of your company, mastering business negotiation skills is crucial for any entrepreneur.

When you run a business, at some point, you’ll likely find yourself in a negotiation situation. To help you out, Global Resources has six tips for you to lead a successful business negotiation.

Listen Attentively

Listening is a vital element in negotiations. If you’re always talking and never letting the other party speak a word, it’s no longer negotiating. Instead, it’s you just talking about what you want and taking control of everything.

It’s essential to take time to listen attentively to the other party. They may have something important to add to the conversation that could work in both favors. Not only that, you need to have an understanding of what the other party wants to help make a final agreement.

Be Professional and Courteous

Even if the negotiations get a bit heated, keep a level head the entire time. Being professional and courteous to everyone involved will go a long way. Think about it this way – if you’re negotiating with someone who is abrasive, rude, and unprofessional, would you ever want to work with them again? Unless you want to burn bridges, professionalism and courteousness can save and keep business relationships alive.

Come Prepared to Add Value to the Discussion

Business negotiations are important. Otherwise, why would you have them? That means everyone should come to the table prepared and ready to add value to the discussion. Not only that, an entrepreneur’s time is valuable. Don’t be the one that wastes someone’s time by not knowing what is going on.

Have At Least One Draft of the Deal

Whatever the negotiations are about, it’s likely something pretty vital to your company. That is why you don’t want to agree on everything you hear right away. Start with a first draft of the tentative agreement and go from there.

Drawing up a draft allows all parties to analyze everything talked about and pull it apart. Someone may find discrepancies and need to negotiate a bit more before reaching a final deal.

Know When to Walk Away

Although you don’t go into a business negotiation, or any negotiation for that matter, with the intent of no deal being reached and walking away, however, in some instances, that ends up being the case.

If you’re selling something, have a price in mind that you won’t go below. That helps prepare you to walk away from the deal if the other party doesn’t meet you in the middle. Don’t sacrifice your values and business model just to reach a deal.

Conceding Isn’t Always the Best Option

If you’re desperate to reach a deal, you might be tempted to concede to every point and demand the other party’s requests. The downfall to this, the other party may try to push the boundaries to get more out of you since you’ve given in to all of their other requests. Conceding to everything could end up costing you more in the long run.

Business negotiations don’t have to be scary, as long as you come prepared and ready to bargain. Staying confident, professional, and willing to listen will go a long way toward reaching the best deal for all parties involved.

Don’t Waste Time – 5 Tips to Have an Effective Meeting

Meetings are an effective way to get information across, discussing issues, solving problems, and many other reasons. As good as they are, not many people like them, likely because of boring and pointless meetings.

Don’t let your meetings turn into a time that employees disconnect and squeeze in a quick nap. By utilizing proper techniques and tricks, you’ll be able to have an effective and efficient meeting that employees don’t mind attending. Use the following five tips by reviews for Global Resources for effective meetings.

Always Have an Agenda

When you walk into a meeting, you want to know that there’s a purpose for it. If you have a busy day and sit in a three-hour meeting that has no point, you’ll likely leave frustrated and defeated. Don’t do the same to everyone else.

Each meeting you call needs a purpose. Set the schedule ahead of time so you can let everyone know right at the start of what will be discussed. Whether it’s written on a whiteboard, emailed ahead of time, or hand out an agenda at the beginning, make sure the purpose is stated.

Have a Timeline

Part of your agenda should include a timeline. This isn’t to say that you’ve mapped out each minute of the meeting. Instead, it gives a precise starting time and ends time. If you can’t put an end time to the meeting, then go back and revamp your agenda a bit more. Having that clear end time helps keep you on track and reaching the goal of the meeting.

Remember, in the business world, time is money.

Make a note of Off-Topic Discussions

In almost every meeting you hold or attend, you will have off-topic discussions. If you have a notebook with you to make a note of anything that comes up that isn’t part of your agenda, you can talk about it at the end of the next meeting. This will help keep the meeting flowing rather than jumping from topic to topic. Plus, acknowledging the topic and letting the person know you’ll discuss it at the end shows that you value what the person has to say.

Does it Need to Be a Meeting?

Before you call your meeting, make a rough outline of what you want to discuss. After that, ask yourself if the discussion is worth gathering everyone for a meeting, or would it be more suitable to send us an email? If the conversation is only for a few minutes, maybe an email will suffice. However, if it’s something longer with vital information to discuss, the meeting would be better suited than an email.

Encourage Engagement

No one wants to sit in a meeting that is dictated by one person and no one else. How can anyone expect engagement if it’s done that way?

Instead, encourage engagement from the attendees. Ask them questions, allow people to speak up, facilitate discussions on topic, and make a note of everything discussed. By getting everyone involved in the discussion, you’ll increase your chance of having not just a successful meeting, but a memorable one as well.

Turn your meetings into a place of productivity. Use the above points to stay focused, on topic, and lead a successful meeting.

Does How You Answer the Phone Matter? 7 Tips for Answering the Phone at Work

Would you think about how someone answers the phone at work matters? Think back to moments when you called a business and how the person responded. You’ve likely come across a time when someone answered not very professionally and maybe even sounded rude.

Something as simple as how you answer the phone plays a role in the customer experience with your business. Whether it’s a secretary answering the phone every day or you answer it yourself, the following seven tips from Global Resources Reviews will help you step up the experience.

Answer Right Away

Although there are some instances where you won’t be able to answer the phone right away, you want to strive for that. Don’t leave the caller waiting for too long. Try to answer the phone by the third ring.

Introduce Yourself and the Company

If someone is calling for the first time and unsure if they have the right number, it won’t be a good first impression if they have to ask if they have the correct number.

When answering the phone, introduce yourself and the company. Let them know right away that they have the right number (or maybe wrong number), and that you’re ready to help them.

Be Polite and Formal

There’s a difference between answering your cell phone and answering a work phone. You’re likely quite casual when you answer your regular phone, and that’s okay. For work, though, you want to be more formal with what you say. How would you speak to the person if they were in front of you at work? That professional and polite tone and choice of words should be the same for the phone.

Speak Clearly

Not every phone conversation comes across clearly. Whether it’s a lousy reception or background noises, talking over the phone doesn’t sound the same as face to face. If you’re mumbling on top of that, it can make it difficult for the recipient to understand you. Trying to figure out what you’re saying will only cause frustration, so speak nicely and clearly.

With that said, if you’re in an area where there is background noise, remove yourself to a quieter area. Politely ask the caller to hold for a moment while you go somewhere more peaceful.

Direct the Call to the Right Person

If you answer the phone and it’s for someone else in the company, transfer the caller to the desired recipient right away. If the person is busy, let the caller know you’ll leave a message for the person to get in touch with them right away.

Take Clear and Accurate Messages

Sometimes when a person calls, you won’t have the answer, or the desired person isn’t there to talk. You’ll need to take a message. Get all the information to provide a clear message of who’s calling, why, and how to reach them.

Answer Consistently

Once you have a system for how you’ll answer the phone, keep it consistent. Anyone who is answering the phone for your business should answer the same way every time.

Make an excellent first impression when someone calls. The smallest detail, like answering the phone, can go a long way in providing an outstanding customer experience.

Make Your Business Standout with an Exceptional Mission Statement

An excellent element of a solid business plan, but one that is quickly glanced past, is the mission statement. It’s easy to overlook this as being a simple description of your company because that’s basically what it does.

Except a mission statement offers more than a description. It shows the company’s values, creates a brand, and explains why you’re different from the competition. A mission statement can inspire those to come and work for you or for clients to choose you over someone else.

Ready to write a mission statement? Use the following seven tips from GR-US.com to help you write an exceptional mission statement.

Keep it Short

Although the mission statement offers a description of the company, it shouldn’t be your about page. Instead, keep it short. Stay within a few sentences. It may make it more challenging to write. However, going this route helps develop your brand.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Unless your company doesn’t grow past where you currently are, don’t limit yourself in your mission statement. Avoid adding in locations or stating this is the only thing your company focuses on. Be a bit vaguer with it. Keep the opportunity of growing into different avenues open.

Be Enticing

Get creative with your mission statement. You want to tell a story to the reader that entices them to learn more about you and your company. Use the statement to grab their attention.

Use Your Long-term Goals

You don’t have to say a long-term goal. However, the way you word it should tell the reader what your purpose is for the future. What do you hope to achieve in five years? That wraps into the values of the company and what it stands for.

Don’t Use Your First Draft

Because of how important a mission statement is, don’t be afraid to make multiple drafts of it. Start with brainstorming words and phrases that summarize your company and its values. Then, you can take those points and form them into sentences.

After you have something written down, get a second opinion from someone outside of the company. Having a different set of eyes can give you the perspective of someone outside of the company who isn’t biased like your eyes will be. Ask them for feedback and make adjustments according to their response.

Update Your Statement

Your mission statement should and will change as your company grows. So, don’t think that what you write right now is set in stone for the future. Keep updating it as your company grows.

Answer the “Why”

Have you ever been asked why you started your company? If not, now is a good opportunity to answer that question. Why are you doing what you’re currently doing?

Your mission statement should also answer why. Whoever reads it should know right away why the company exists and how it’ll serve the public. Take your time with this part as it has a powerful effect on the overall statement.

Spend time writing out multiple drafts of your mission statement. You only have one shot at making a good first impression within a few lines.

Keep Your Employees Productive – 5 Ways to Boost Office Morale

There are many reasons why any company needs to have strong and positive office morale. To start, employees that are happy and enjoy their job are 13 percent more productive. A more productive employee equals good business for the organization.

Not only that, but it’s also good for the employee’s overall health when a positive environment surrounds them. There’s less stress, which adds to their happiness.

Having a strong team is the backbone of any company. Use the following five tips from Global Resources LLC Reviews to help boost your office morale.

Keep Communication Lines Open

One of the easiest and best ways to keep morale in your company high is to have good communication, and this comes in many forms.

Communication between employees and employers is essential to get the job done. Imagine having to constantly go to your boss to get directions throughout the day, rather than getting all the information right at the start. It would soon become quite stressful.

Not only that, but open communication allows employees to come to you with any concerns or issues that happen within the workplace. The more you can communicate with everyone, the less stressed and happier they’ll be.

Ask for Occasion Feedback

There is nothing wrong with getting feedback from the office on how your management is, what the workload is like, or any ideas they may have to give the company a boost. However, if you’re constantly asking for feedback, it will start to look like you’re not confident in your job and yourself.

Reward Success

Studies in the past few years found that roughly 66 percent of employees would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. That is often the top reason why someone quits – feeling undervalued.

Rewarding success does many things for your employees. It shows that you value the hard work they put in every day. It can bring out some friendly competition, which can boost productivity. Just makes sure the reward is worth it.

Keep Things Light

If you want your employees to enjoy coming to the office, you want the atmosphere to reflect that. Although going too casual and you risk people slacking off, having too strict of a workplace can make employees feel controlled and scared.

Having a bit more casual environment allows employees to enjoy their day. Tell a few (appropriate) jokes throughout the day. Encourage coffee breaks. Get to know your stay more than simply their name. Show the office that you may be their boss, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying coming to work with you.

Offering Opportunities to Grow

Another key reason why employees are unhappy and ultimately leave is the lack of growth potential. For many people, having that challenge and a goal to achieve will help keep them motivated.

Growth potential doesn’t have to come in the form of a job promotion. If the person is at the top of their job and is happy there, growth can come from going to conferences and taking a new course. Offering opportunities to learn new skills and fine-tune their current ones will add to the employee feeling appreciated.

Boost your office morale and keep your company running smoothly. Be a place that people want to come work at because your current employees speak highly and proudly of their job.

It’s Time to Ditch the Perfectionist Mindset When Starting a Business

Perfectionism comes in many forms. Some look at it positively – it keeps someone organized, living life at high-standards while producing high-quality things, and being successful.

For others, though, perfectionism can be an almost debilitating trait that causes many issues in someone’s life.

What someone calls highly organized, others stress over every detail when arranging their office and having clutter. Having high-standards may seem fine to one, but causes someone else to reach for goals that are nearly impossible to attain. Those high-quality items that someone produces most likely took him or her additional hours that weren’t needed.

Perfectionist traits do have some positivity to it, but it can be troublesome for those starting a business. Rarely will you find a start-up that went perfectly at the beginning because a perfect business just doesn’t exist…

At Global Resources reviews, we came up with a list of perfectionist points that can affect you starting a business, and how you can look out for them.

Your Opening Goals Are Unrealistic and Impossible

Although you want things to run smoothly when you’re starting a business, you cannot expect that everything works without any hiccups. It doesn’t happen.

The downfall to this is that when you have those moments of success, they often get overshadowed by the stress of not reaching your unrealistic goals. Instead, try to look at your goals through a different perspective or get the opinion from a trusted friend or family member.

You Lose Joy in What You’re Doing

Because for many perfectionists, they spend countless hours stressing over a small project, it’s a quick way to lose the joy and passion you once had. When you’re running a business, you must enjoy what you’re doing.

If you’re having trouble finding the motivation to do your job, it could be a sign that you’re losing the joy in it (and that you need a little break).

You’ll Waste Time

The ironic thing about perfectionism is that you end up wasting a lot of time. Even though we think of perfectionists as being highly organized and reaching every goal, behind the scenes, that individual is likely spending time making something perfect.

That additional time you take to complete a task could have been used to work on the next item on your list. Set yourself a deadline, and don’t push it back. Even if you think your work isn’t perfect, it’s more likely your mindset rather than your work not being good enough.

You Can Cause Health Issues

Perfectionists are often stressed because they want everything to run correctly. Since we know that isn’t the case, the additional stress doesn’t solve anything. All it does is cause more problems with your health.

We know that stress can do serious harm to your physical and mental health. Chronic stress can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, tense muscles, and lower your immune system.


Starting a business should be an exciting time. Although it’s normal to feel stress, it shouldn’t overtake the excitement.

Setting goals is an excellent habit to have when running a business. However, it’s important to note when a goal is realistic or when it becomes unrealistic for an individual to achieve.

Ready to Grow? 6 Tips to Boost Your Business’ Growth Potential

An essential element of running a business is growing it. To keep your doors open and serve your customer, you need to keep up with the world and expand at a reasonable pace.

Businesses that don’t grow ultimately get left behind. Bills add up, the bank account dwindles, and you can no longer provide your customers with the same value as before.

If you’re ready to start growing your business and take it to the next level, Global Resources LLC reviews have six tips to help you succeed.

Learn What Your Customers Are Looking For

Businesses serve a customer need. If the customer wasn’t looking for something, then why would they come to you?

As you continue to grow, you want to stay in life with what your clients are looking for and asking for. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Send out surveys periodically to get valuable feedback that can be anonymous.

Boost Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is everything these days. From sharing Instagram stories, sharing behind the scenes to Facebook posts reaching existing clients, your social media can make or break your growth potential.

Spend some time revamping your marketing strategy. Look at your profiles through the eyes of the customer. Are you providing high-quality, valuable information, or are you posting for the sake of posting? Up your social media game to take advantage of your growth potential.

Start Networking

If you’re not doing this already, it’s a tip to start implementing right away. Networking is an excellent way to reach new clients and partner with local businesses. Build those relationships with people that provide value to you and can spread the word of the company.

As the saying goes, it’s about who you know.

Support Your Community

For a quick way to boost the appeal of your business and draw attention to it, support your community. It’s a great way to build your brand and show that you care for those who support you back.

You can show support for your community in many small ways – sponsoring a local event, donating to a shelter, or hosting a fundraiser for a cause.

Research Your Competition

Rarely is there a business out there that doesn’t have a bit of competition, and it’s good to have. Your competitors can help keep you motivated to grow your business and provide more value to your customers. If you don’t, your competitors will likely snatch up your clients.

Research your competition to see what their marketing strategies are, what products and services they offer, and how their value compares to yours. It’s a way to start brainstorming for methods to turn the table and now be their competition.

Consider a Customer Loyalty Program

Although this does come at a small cost to you, adding a loyalty program is an excellent way to retain your current customer base. Rewarding those who stay loyal to you will add incentive for them to continue purchasing through your company.

Studies have shown that it ends up costing you more money trying to recruit new customers. Although to grow you do need new customers coming in, keeping your loyal ones happy will boost your sales down the road.

Get ready to grow your business with these six tips. Take your time with your growth plan and reap the benefits along the way.

Staking Your Claim – 5 Career Points for a Powerful Female Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur has challenges. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows running a company, taking care of all the details, ensuring employees remain happy and loyal, and maintaining a healthy balance. There’s no secret the entrepreneur journey is filled with many twists and turns.

For female entrepreneurs, many face unique challenges specific to their gender. Although in 2020, there have been tremendous advancements (in 2017, women-owned over 11.6 million firms), female entrepreneurs still have many hurdles to jump to be successful.

To help you out and be a successful entrepreneur, GR-US.com has five career advice points for female business owners.

Find a Mentor

For any entrepreneur, finding a mentor is an excellent idea to help overcome hurdles and the stress of operating a company. Since there are unique challenges for female entrepreneurs, it’s even more crucial for women to have a mentor to look up to.

When you have a mentor that is on a similar career path as you, they likely have gone through the same challenges you’re currently facing (or will face). Their experiences can help shape your decisions so that you can keep growing your business and taking on every challenge with grit and grace.

Always Be Ready to Learn and Grow

Many women find it’s not easy to get taken seriously as an entrepreneur. Even if they have all the qualifications behind them, proving that you deserve to be where you are a challenge. Whether it’s negative comments or not looked at as a leader in your field, not getting taken seriously has a detrimental effect on one’s self-confidence.

One way to overcome this hurdle is to be ready to learn, grow, and jump on any opportunity you can find. Being able to walk into a conference with more knowledge than anyone in the room and having your presence known, it’s a step towards showcasing that you are a serious business owner worth listening to.

Be Confident in What You Do

As you learn and grow in your business, so too should your confidence level. When you’re confident in what you know and do, it’s another way of staking your claim and having your presence known.

Confidence is tremendous in the business world. Own your actions because you know what you’re doing.

Don’t Settle

There’s a difference between finding a balance with a compromise and settling. It’s essential that as a business owner, you’re open to other ideas and can compromise. However, it should never come at the expense of your values, your business goals, and mission statement.

It only takes one time to settle to lose confidence and the reputation you’ve worked so hard at building. Not only that, but it also opens the way for others to take advantage and try to get more out of you.

Prioritize Your Life

One of the most important things to remember is to prioritize your life. That means finding a work-life balance that fits your lifestyle.

Never be afraid to say no because you want to spend time with your family. It’s essential for your health to maintain those relationships and to give yourself a break.

There’s a pattern with all of these tips – be confident and authentic to who you are. As a female entrepreneur, you’ll face challenges of having to prove you deserve to be where you are. Learning, growing, and gaining confidence will help you along your business journey.