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Starting a Small Business with Help from Global Resources

Global Resources has the expertise to help entrepreneurs launch small businesses. Starting a business is a huge commitment that can reap many long-term rewards. If you’re looking to become a business owner, we can help put you on the path to success.

If you’re contemplating a business idea, here are tips for you:

  1. Perform a self-inventory -Before investing any time or resources, evaluate yourself and see if you have some the typical traits of an entrepreneur. Are you motivated, able to adapt and confident? Are you resilient?
  2. Create an idea- Develop a business concept that you’re passionate about related to something that you have experience with. From there, come up with a product or service that you believe can enhance the people’s lives.
  3. Test the probability- Once you’ve settled on an idea, figure out how you can make it become a reality. Is the product or service something that people want or need? Can you make a profit selling it? Does the product work?
  4. Write a business plan- A solid business plan will guide you going forward. It’s also needed for presenting your idea to potential investors. Your business plan should include a mission statement, a company summary, an executive summary, a service or product offerings, a description of a target market, financial projections and the cost of the operation.
  5. Identify your market – Assess the market, targeting the customers most likely to make a purchase. Perform a competitive assessment.
  6. Determine the costs – Find out the standard cost factors within this industry. Not only will this help you manage your business more effectively, investors will want to know this.
  7. Establish a budget – Figure out how much it will take to develop your product or service and create a marketing plan.
  8. Find the right investors – Find an investor who shares your passion, someone you believe you can work with.
  9. Determine the legal structure – Settle on which form of ownership is best for you: a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, an S corporation, a nonprofit or a cooperative.
  10. Select a business name- Decide on a name that best suits your business. Then check to see if the domain name is available online, as well as if it’s free to use in your county, state and in the country.
  11. Register your business name- If your proposed business name is available, register it with the county clerk, have it trademarked at the state and federal levels and secure a domain name.

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Simple Marketing Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Many successful entrepreneurs have implemented marketing solutions that are easy to set up and still have a positive impact on their business. Global Resources help business owners grow their business with a variety of marketing tactics.

As a small business, you may think it’s impossible to get the word out about what you do. Follow the simple yet proven tips and techniques to help get the word out about your business and watch it grow.

  • Join Networking Groups – Small business owners should research relevant organizations and then attend and present at events in town. Your contribution to the overall community makes you relevant.
  • Lead an Organization – The secret to getting the most out of a group or organization is not just to attend but to lead. Become an authority and people will automatically associate your name with success.
  • Launch a Podcast – Launch a podcast and interview other business owners.  People love to tell their story, and by highlighting them on a podcast you make an instant and meaningful connection. It’s also a great way to get an education on a topic you are interested in.
  • Create a Weekly E-mail Campaign – If you want to stay in relationship with your customers, there is nothing simpler than creating a weekly e-mail that provides something of value.
  • Support a Cause- Successful philanthropic endeavors are built steadily over time. The impact comes not just from which organizations receive funding but also the development of positive, lasting relationships between companies and their communities.
  • Create a Cool Giveaway- When determining what your company will give away, make sure it’s something valuable that won’t be thrown out or lost!

To learn more and / or to schedule your complimentary appointment with the business experts at Global Resources LLC, call us at 855-338-0266.