The Basics of Small Business Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools many small businesses unfortunately fail to take advantage of. The photo-sharing app is one of the top most downloaded in the U.S. It is not just a space for celebrities to promote themselves. The biggest enterprise-grade brands like Nike and Starbucks are pro Instagram users.

What is unique about Instagram is that it allows smaller ventures to go toe-to-toe with industry giants. Global Resources LLC consultants highly recommend small business marketers think seriously about using Instagram to create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. Here are basic tips for using Instagram:

Choose Great Pictures: Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram is a visually oriented social networking site. On Instagram, what matters is what you show, not what you write. Therefore, it’s very important to use unique and highly appealing photographs to market your brand’s message. Avoid using stock photographs, and use your own to showcase authenticity.

Connect All Social Accounts: If your business has other social media accounts, don’t forget to connect them to the Instagram account. It’s possible to do this automatically. Once done, your Instagram posts will show up automatically on the feeds of other sites, thus increasing reach and scope.

Write Intriguing Captions: For photos, do not bother writing paragraphs. One or two intriguing sentences is often enough. You need to focus more on writing a very interesting and engaging bio for your company. Keep it short and casual, and make sure the audience understands what your business offers.

Use Existing Hashtags: Instagram’s power derives from clever use of hashtags. Where other social networks use keywords, Instagram uses hashtags. For example, #love is the most popular hashtag on the platform with millions of followers. Likewise, your marketing team needs to use these trending hashtags. Making up hashtags on your own is useless because no one else will see them. Tailor your photos to popular trending hashtags to increase traffic.

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