Does How You Answer the Phone Matter? 7 Tips for Answering the Phone at Work

Would you think about how someone answers the phone at work matters? Think back to moments when you called a business and how the person responded. You’ve likely come across a time when someone answered not very professionally and maybe even sounded rude.

Something as simple as how you answer the phone plays a role in the customer experience with your business. Whether it’s a secretary answering the phone every day or you answer it yourself, the following seven tips from Global Resources Reviews will help you step up the experience.

Answer Right Away

Although there are some instances where you won’t be able to answer the phone right away, you want to strive for that. Don’t leave the caller waiting for too long. Try to answer the phone by the third ring.

Introduce Yourself and the Company

If someone is calling for the first time and unsure if they have the right number, it won’t be a good first impression if they have to ask if they have the correct number.

When answering the phone, introduce yourself and the company. Let them know right away that they have the right number (or maybe wrong number), and that you’re ready to help them.

Be Polite and Formal

There’s a difference between answering your cell phone and answering a work phone. You’re likely quite casual when you answer your regular phone, and that’s okay. For work, though, you want to be more formal with what you say. How would you speak to the person if they were in front of you at work? That professional and polite tone and choice of words should be the same for the phone.

Speak Clearly

Not every phone conversation comes across clearly. Whether it’s a lousy reception or background noises, talking over the phone doesn’t sound the same as face to face. If you’re mumbling on top of that, it can make it difficult for the recipient to understand you. Trying to figure out what you’re saying will only cause frustration, so speak nicely and clearly.

With that said, if you’re in an area where there is background noise, remove yourself to a quieter area. Politely ask the caller to hold for a moment while you go somewhere more peaceful.

Direct the Call to the Right Person

If you answer the phone and it’s for someone else in the company, transfer the caller to the desired recipient right away. If the person is busy, let the caller know you’ll leave a message for the person to get in touch with them right away.

Take Clear and Accurate Messages

Sometimes when a person calls, you won’t have the answer, or the desired person isn’t there to talk. You’ll need to take a message. Get all the information to provide a clear message of who’s calling, why, and how to reach them.

Answer Consistently

Once you have a system for how you’ll answer the phone, keep it consistent. Anyone who is answering the phone for your business should answer the same way every time.

Make an excellent first impression when someone calls. The smallest detail, like answering the phone, can go a long way in providing an outstanding customer experience.