Should You Allow Employees to Telecommute?

It’s a question that seems to be more common in today’s world – should employees be allowed to telecommute? With many families struggling to balance their work and home life, telecommuting becomes an appealing option. However, not every employer offers this option.

Telecommuting is when you have an employee that works from home. Whether it be consistently or only once a week, that employee takes work home but is still expected to complete their job.

There’s the concern of how productive and motivated people will be when they work from home. Some research has shown that many people claim to be more productive when they can work from home. Now, that doesn’t mean every employee is better off working from home. Some should remain in the office. However, is telecommuting an option you should have available? Global Resources LLC Reviews has a few reasons as to why you should offer the opportunity.

You Open Doors to New Employees

It’s not a secret that employee retention is not what it used to be. Many younger employees will leave a job if they do not feel happy anymore, rather than stick it out for a paycheque and pension. That doesn’t mean they are bad employees. It does say, though, that you need to find new and unique ways to attract them and make them stay.

The lack of flexibility in a typical Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm job is what many find to be frustrating. It makes it challenging to balance their work with their home life. Offering to be flexible by allowing the option to telecommute, you are then listening to what many employees are asking for. The result, there’s a good chance your employee retention will increase, and that you’ll attract a broader range of talent.

Allows for More Focus

Although for some this may seem contradictory, working from home allows you to focus more. However, many employees who work from home find it to be less distracting than the office.

When working from home, you can control any distractions around you. At the office though, you cannot always stop a coworker from stopping by and asking questions, or noises coming from other desks.

It Will Save You Money

If the majority of your employees work from home, there are many parts of the business you’ll be able to save money on. You won’t need as big of office space, along with all of the office supplies required. You won’t have to pay to relocate anyone as they can do their job from the comfort of their home.

The bottom line, offering to telecommute at your company is likely to be a good thing. With today’s technology and the ability to have conference calls and video chat with anyone anywhere, there is almost no reason why an employee cannot do their work from home (depending on the job). When employees are happier and healthier, they are likely to be more productive. When employees are more productive, the company performs better.