8 Amazing LinkedIn Tools For Your Business

Sure, you know that LinkedIn is a fantastic way to network with other business owners. Having said that, consider whether or not you’re truly using it to its full potential. Is that a “yes” or a “no”?

Over the last decade or so, a number of LinkedIn tools for business have been introduced that can take your networking, marketing, and selling efforts to new heights.

Global Resources LLC consultants have compiled a list of useful solutions, tools, and apps this social media platform offers. Let’s take a look at them.

LinkedIn Company Pages

A LinkedIn company page is the perfect way to promote your brand and build connections with peers, customers, prospects. Company pages can be extended with showcase pages and career pages as well.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator turns the LinkedIn platform into a selling machine. The solution’s features include lead recommendations, account and contact import and CRM sync (Salesforce), advanced search with Lead Builder, account pages, a social selling index dashboard, real-time updates and more.

LinkedIn Elevate

In order to enhance a business’ social selling efforts, LinkedIn offers the amazing tool of Elevate. Elevate allows your employees to share approved content with their network. This enhances the reputation of both your employees and your company.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

Lead Accelerator is like marketing automation in LinkedIn style. In other words, it will identify prospects on your site, LinkedIn and other partner sites and deliver either ads or sponsored content to nurture those relationships.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

InMail messages are sent directly to another LinkedIn member to whom you’re not connected. Sponsored InMails are hyped up to get the attention and action you truly want from the people you’re targeting. Sponsored InMails stay at the very top of a recipients’ inbox and drives conversion.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Generally speaking, LinkedIn provides two ways for you to publish and share content:


LinkedIn Updates stem from the beginning of the social media network and they’re still the most socially-driven part of the site. Basically, updates are similar to Facebook’s posts even up to the point where you are notified when a connection liked or commented on another update.

Long Form Posts

In trying to think about long-form posts, think to blog because that really is just what they are – blogging on LinkedIn. The sole advantage to publishing your posts here is the notion that LinkedIn’s already done much of the heavy lifting with respect to traffic.