7 Awesome Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

Sure, Facebook is undoubtedly declining in popularity amongst the younger demographic. As a result, more businesses are turning to Instagram to try and reach these younger individuals.

If you plan to follow suit, you’ll want to consider the following Instagram marketing tips in order to optimize your reach and convert sales. Let’s take a look at what our Global Resources LLC consultants have to say about optimizing your Instagram marketing.

Complete Your Bio Section

Before doing anything else, be sure to fill out the “bio” section of your Instagram profile. This is VERY important. Completing this step will ensure that people who want to connect with you elsewhere are able to make these connections.

Learn How to Take Better Pictures on Your Phone

You might know by now that you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to succeed on Instagram. There is a good chance that your smartphone has all the power and precision you need. You should take time to learn how to take awesome photos that will be sure to captivate your followers. Generally speaking, the pictures that perform best on Instagram are breathtaking scenery shots. Sure, while not every photo you take and share will be up to this level, try to make it a priority to share gorgeous photos once a week.

Understand Instagram’s Filters

Conveniently, Instagram offers a myriad of automatic image filters. Having said that, they’re not all created equal. Take time to understand which ones work really well based on the type of picture that you’re editing.

Consider Picture Collages

Collages of pictures combined into one image allow you to share more content with each upload.  You can use various image editing apps to help you mash up and consolidate pictures.

Add Text to Your Pictures

As you probably know, memes tend to get a lot of attention and traction on Instagram. Thus, it’s important to take advantage of this type of viral-style image by creating your own graphic and text combinations.

Experiment With Video Clips

Instagram has recently introduced the ability to share video clips alongside the platform’s static photos. This is great news! You can use the movie camera icon on Instagram to record video footage and then apply a video-specific filter if you so choose.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are and will continue to be tremendously important on Instagram. Before posting any photo, search around for similar content to see which hashtags are likely to lead to the highest level of engagement.

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