6 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Voice Technology

In today’s day and age, voice technology is a great way to streamline processes and enhance customer service. However, according to research, while nearly 50% of senior employees use voice-activated technology for personal reasons, just 30% actually use the technology at work. Furthermore, only 50% are getting ready to embed these tools into their business operations.

Global Resources LLC experts recommend the following 10 ways your business can use voice tech.

To Streamline the Customer Experience 

The main thing here is providing the customer with the opportunity to use their natural language to get what they want.

The right technology avoids the typing, clicking and swiping through other types of customer service platforms. Voice technology is faster than other types and an enhanced client experience results in greater sales and increased revenue.

To Cut Down on Data Input Time

Voice technologies simplify the process for busy salespeople. When they can find the forecasts, top sales figures, and other data by using their voices, salespeople can spend more time in the field cultivating contacts and earning money. The technology brings all the important CRM info under one umbrella and makes it quickly accessible.

To Manage the Office Remotely

Google Home and other technologies similar to it can help small business owners keep an eye on things while they’re away. Security cameras, alarm systems, and even smart locks can be voice controlled right from your smartphone.

To Increase Forecast Accuracy 

Small businesses definitely see an advantage to using voice technology. Once everyone (such as the sales teams and inside staff) is on board, data gets entered quicker and more accurately.

Ultimately, when there are more data and more accurate data in the system, management can complete more accurate financial forecasting.

To Generate Reminders

A successful small business owner wears many hats on a day-to-day basis.  Knowing what meeting you’ll need to be at next and which emails should be flagged for immediate contact can be difficult to manage. The right voice technology (try Alexa) can help you to categorize everything and bring it up quickly at your convenience.

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