6 Items Every Office Needs

You’ll often find many articles that provide hours of reading material for designing the perfect office. However, we believe that the best office doesn’t stop at the design of it. That is only the beginning.

A great office also includes the items inside of it. There are essential items, like a desk, chair and laptop. However, you may find yourself wishing you had a few items from this list before your day began.

We’re here to make life a bit easier for small business owners. Whether you’re working from home or driving to your building, reviews for Global Resources has a list of six essential items every office needs.

Dry-Erase Board and Markers

Now, a dry-erase board and markers seem like something you would use for school, but it can also be quite valuable in the office. Think of how much paper you go through jotting down notes or creating diagrams for your employees? Instead, in your next brainstorming meeting, use a whiteboard to make your notes for everyone to see.

Sticky Notepads

Sticky notepads are every business owner’s best friend, especially if you’re someone who likes making lists and leaving notes around the building. Sticky notes may seem like a small item on your list, but they can have a big impact on your day. When you need to leave a message for someone who is away from their desk, paste a sticky note on the side of their computer monitor or in a place you know they won’t miss.

External Hard Drives

Does your office backup it’s information to another source off of the computer? If not, then it’s time to do so. Backups are a crucial element of securing valuable information. Although you can use many cloud services, it’s still a good idea to use an external hard drive to keep on hand. Just make sure to add encryption to it.

Drawer Organizers

If you open up your desk drawer at your office, what will you find? Is it disorganized with pens and paper scattered all over the place? Maybe you’ve already started organizing it with little containers. Either way, invest in drawer organizers to help keep things from rolling around in the drawer. An organized desk is efficient and less stressful when looking for items.

Packing Tape

Another item that doesn’t seem like a big deal but comes in handy is packing tape. Especially if you do a lot of shipping for your business, you’ll want lots of packing tape on hand. If your business type is mostly virtual, packing tape is still important for storing boxes of information (like tax slips and returns).

Disinfectant Spray

Now more than ever, it is crucial to keep the office clean and disinfected. If you don’t already have cleaning supplies on hand, add that to the top of your list. Think of all the germs that spread in an office from people touching multiple objects. Prevent the spread of germs and viruses by spraying the office down with a disinfectant.

These six simple items can provide valuable support for any office size. Add these items to your next shopping list to see how much support they offer your business.