6 Fantastic Ways to Accelerate Your Online Marketing

For many businesses, slow but steady is a preferred method of growth. However, for entrepreneurs looking to master their craft and quickly build their empires, prudent planning and expertise are required.

Global Resources LLC consultants recommend the following top methods for accelerating growth in your online marketing plan and beyond.

Inform Your Content Strategy Using SEO Insights

While content marketing may already be an integral part of your growth strategy, you’ll need informed insights to make your content as effective as possible.

Take AdWords to the Next Level

Google offers the ability to connect landing page tests to AdWords, which gives businesses a simple way to make their online advertising campaigns more effective. A recent post on the Search Engine Land blog by Matt Lawson includes various tests you can use to step up your PPC campaigns with AdWords.

Blog Less and Spend More on Improving SEO

While blogging has been considered a cornerstone of SEO for years, it doesn’t have to be the only thing you focus on. To really accelerate your traffic and online growth, spend more on technology rather than on blogging.

Maintain Amazing Web Design

Before you can truly get your online marketing efforts off the ground, you need a phenomenal website. The design of your site can make a big impact on how people see your business. Thus, you should focus on creating an awesome website.

Don’t Overlook These Social Media Marketing Slip-Ups

While it’s normal to make mistakes when marketing a new business venture. Some mistakes absolutely should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to social media. These include trying to post too much, ensuring a presence of every social media outlet, and ignoring interactions on social media (to name a few).

Use Email Segmentation for Your Event Marketing Campaigns

If you partake in events to promote your business in person, you should really effectively communicate with potential attendees online as well. That’s where email segmentation can be a significant help.