5 Important Similarities Among Small and Midsize High-Growth Companies

Do you ever think about what strategies and tactics set fast-growing companies apart? Or maybe you ponder how their revenue continues to boom? These are all great questions that merit some logical responses. In today’s business world, small and midsize companies are truly set themselves apart. In doing so, they are scaling their business and increasing profits.

But, how are they accomplishing this?

Global Resources LLC consultants sat down to examine the strategies and investments that high-growth small and midsize companies integrate into their business models. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy tactics that are worth considering.

Customer Growth

It’s largely apparent that high-growth companies implement some of the best customer growth strategies out there. Not only that, they do it much better than other companies as well.

Here are the five core elements of a customer growth strategy:

  • Expand/retain existing customers
  • Serve new markets and customers
  • Create operational efficiencies to better scale for growth
  • Introduce new products and capabilities
  • Grow the sales force

How do they accomplish this? Well, they have…

Leaders in Marketing and Sales

Investments in diversified growth strategies call for specialized and elite leadership. Generally speaking, high-growth companies are more likely to have prominent leadership in marketing and sales. In addition, high-growth companies are much more likely to feel that their use of technology is extremely helpful and efficient. This is something that you always want your employees to feel about your company.

New Customers = Greater Revenue

Since high-growth companies focus on customer growth strategies, they generally rely more on new customers to fuel revenue growth. Sure, this is no easy task. Once again, top-notch leadership and cutting edge technology play a crucial role in how efficiently these growth strategies are delivered and, ultimately, carried out.

Investments in Talent and Technology

To augment their customer growth strategy, high-growth companies are much more likely to invest in adequate training for new talent and technology. Ultimately, this is very logical because you’re growing the talent and processes that come with supporting those new customers.

Packaged Applications

High-growth companies avoid spreadsheets and instead use specialized applications to scale their businesses. As small businesses grow, purposeful applications streamline customer engagement. Rather than devoting the time and money to creating a custom solution, small and midsize companies purchase packaged applications with great processes. This makes things much more seamless.

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