4 Tips to Help Transition You Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a parent of multiple children, returning to work after your maternity leave ends is a difficult transition. Many moms find themselves stressed, overwhelmed, and battling with feelings of guilt. Some end up staying home altogether, depending on what is best for their situation.

If you’re a new parent who will be returning to work, it’s best to start preparing yourself now. Global Resources LLC Reviews has four tips to help make the transition back to work after maternity leave a bit smoother.

Let Yourself Feel

You must take a moment to let yourself feel about this new chapter in your life – a working mom. You’ve spent the better part of the last year at home with your new baby, so, understandably, you’re going to have some feelings about this transition. Let yourself go through all of the emotions rather than bottling and pushing them aside.

Let Go of the Guilt

A common emotion that many moms battle with when returning to work is the guilt of leaving their child in the care of someone else. The idea that the mom isn’t with the baby every moment of the day is a standard that is not realistic for every family and often comes with massive guilt for those who choose (whether they want to or because they have to) to go back to work.

Let go of any guilt you may have about returning to work. Remind yourself that you’re still supporting your child and your family each time you head to the office.

Start the Process Early

There are some things in life you can go with the flow and dive in headfirst. Returning to work from maternity leave is something you should spend a bit of time preparing for. Many things will change in your household on that first day back. You can help the transition go smoothly by preparing for your return and starting the new process early.

Begin with your morning routine. Practice what the new routine will look like a few days or weeks before it kicks in. If your child is going to daycare, send your baby to daycare a few times beforehand to help him, or her get used to being away from you. With early planning, you have time to work out any kinks and tweak your routine if needed.

Speak With Your Employer

You’ve likely already been in touch with your employer about returning to work, but have you talked about how this will look in the options available? If you find yourself overwhelmed about the transition, speak to your employer about the possibility of returning part-time to start.

It’s vital that you also understand what is expected of you as an employee and what you need from your employer as support. For mom’s still breastfeeding, ensure that your employer understands that you’ll need more breaks. Know what the policy is for sick days and how that extends to your little ones too.

Returning to work after having a baby is a common move for moms, but it will look different for every woman. Understand that it will be a challenging time at the start. However, by preparing and getting support from your partner, family or friends, you can make the transition as smoothly as possible.