4 Small Business Ideas You Could Start in 2021

We’re always looking for ways to bring more money into our house. Whether you’re trying to pay off bills, save up for a family vacation, or maybe trying to recover from being laid off this past year, having extra streams of income can help you take control of your finances.

Because of how the world drastically changed in 2020 (thanks to the crippling Covid-19 global pandemic), so too have business ideas. You’ll likely feel more comfortable starting something online, so you can continue to operate if the world shuts down again.

Ready to take on a new venture? Check out our list of four business ideas you could start in 2021 by Global Resources.

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the neatest ways to add a stream of income to your monthly finances. That’s because you can blog about almost anything you want, and chances are there will be people out there who want to read it.

To start a blog, you first need a theme that your topics will cover. Saying that you’ll write about anything and everything is too big to tackle. You’ll have better luck at success if you narrow down your niche. Don’t forget to learn about SEO (search engine optimization), as this is the best way to grow your following organically, and eventually, your income.

Be an Online Tutor

Since many schools shut down physical classes and moved to virtual teaching, you may find a unique opportunity to start a virtual tutoring business. If you have the knowledge to give and are smart in particular subjects, you may be able to charge a fair price to help children (and even adults) increase their understanding of that topic.

Sell a Hobby

Have a hobby you think could bring in a few dollars each month? Why not give it a shot and open up an eCommerce shop? It’s never been easier to create, market and sell homemade products. Plus, you’ll find a big push to support local businesses like these over big box stores right now.

If you’re interested in going this route, here are a few tips to keep in mind. First, you need a hobby that you enjoy doing. Build up a bit of stock (maybe you like to knit blankets or design baby announcement onesies). Start marketing yourself and your small business on social media and through word of mouth, and don’t forget to create an online shop to start selling.

Freelance Work

Have you ever heard of freelancing? It’s a unique and exciting opportunity to earn a few extra dollars or pursue it as your career. You can freelance in almost anything today. A few common ideas are to be a freelance writer, graphic designer or virtual assistant.

Many websites were created for freelancers to meet with potential clients. Use those to get your freelancing business started and to build up your reputation. A quick reminder – freelancing can be challenging to get going in, so don’t expect to make top dollar right away. You may have to take on a few clients that pay very minimally to build your portfolio.


There we have it – four simple businesses you could quickly start in 2021. The great thing about these ideas is that you’ll continue with them no matter what is happening in the world. Small side businesses that don’t require a physical store location or becoming more popular, so now is your time to join.