3 Ways Small Businesses Can Gain a Better Facebook Reach

Small businesses worldwide have been dealing with a plethora of issues right now. They are sick and tired of seeing their organic Facebook reach plummet to all-time lows. It is a terrible feeling.

It has caused a lot of small businesses to scale back their marketing efforts in search of better ways to market their small business. However, with over 1.4 billion users, Facebook shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to marketing attempts. Instead, businesses should adapt to algorithm changes instead of jumping ship.

Global Resources has put together three ways that small businesses can gain a better Facebook reach.

Understanding the new algorithms

Facebook’s mission is to foster all relationships and form connections between people. They successfully do this by showing relevant content to the right people in hopes to engage them. However, at any one time, there could be over 1000 posts competing for a single spot on someone’s news feed.

If you haven’t understood yet, this simply isn’t working. It just isn’t feasible to show someone every post from every person they’re friends with or follow. This would just be an information overload. Facebook wants to avoid this.

Recently, it has been reported that small businesses are only reaching 2-3% of their fans. Most businesses are taking this as a sign to begin paying for ads by boosting your posts. This is proving to be an unpopular decision as many businesses had to pay to get their fans in the first place.

It seems insane, to say the least. There are over 1000 different factors that Facebook’s algorithm takes into consideration when determining which posts show up in users’ news feeds. Here are some of the factors we know of:

  • A user’s previous interaction with said page
  • How complete the page profile is including the contact information, description, website link, and other important information
  • The number of likes, shares, and comments posts get
  • The type of content you create (video, photo, link)
  • How frequently content from this page is hidden
  1. Study your Facebook insights

One of the best ways to gain a better Facebook reach is to study your insights. To do this, go into your Facebook Insights tab and click the Reach tab. It is there that you will see your recent posts and what they have received.

You will be able to see what type of posts generated the most reach.

  1. Post great content

Good content isn’t enough. To truly achieve the reach you’re after, your content must be great. Once you understand which content has the best reach, you can post the content your fans truly like. It is also important to understand that all audiences are different.

By finding the right content to post, your organic reach will only go up from there. Make sure you test, be different, be creative, and be human to see the best results.

  1. Post at the right time

Another way to ensure that your Facebook is getting the right attention is to post when your audience is active. Go back into your Facebook Insights tab and click on the Post tab. From there, you will see a graph that shows when your posts receive the best reach.

Then, you can either schedule your posts for that time set a timer that reminds you to post. Hopefully, you will begin to see an increase in reach.

With Facebook creating obstacles for small businesses with their algorithm changes, it is important to change as the algorithm does. By following the steps above, your organic reach will increase in no time.