Lucrative Digital Marketing Channels Most Small Businesses Ignore

Most small businesses have a tendency to limit digital marketing efforts to few well-known channels like Facebook or Google Ads. These channels refer to conventional digital marketing. If you post a banner ad on Google, then your ad will be competing with a number of other similar ads to get the attention of customers. On Facebook, there’s a very unbalanced ad-to-post ratio that advertisers constantly have to worry about.

In this environment, it’s worthwhile to sit back and consider other ways to drive web traffic. There are digital marketing channels with great potential that small businesses rarely think about engaging with. Depending on your target audience, these channels could generate more leads than conventional channels. Here is a list of some of these channels, as recommended by consultants, that your small business might be able to benefit from:

Remarketing – Remarketing is currently one of the most popular ways to target potential customers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remarketing is aimed at people who have visited your site and shown interest. The audience of remarketing efforts do not involve existing customers or email subscribers. (If you do target these groups, you risk overwhelming them with ads and alienating them.) To do this specific type of targeting, you can install a social media tracking pixel on your site and gather data. Then use this data to target ads at customers who have shown interest, but not enough to generate a lead.

Google Voice Search Advertising – Google Voice Search is becoming more and more popular each day. Both adults (41 percent) and teens (55 percent) rely on voice search, according to research conducted by Northstar. Smart devices like Amazon Echo are also increasing the number of voice searches. Therefore, start making ads to appeal to voice searchers to increase your brand’s reach.

Invest in Micro Influencers – Social media micro influencers have less reach than megastars or celebrities. But they still have an audience that can be marketed towards. Rather than spending a lot of money on mega influencers, small businesses can benefit more by offering incentives to micro influencers to spread the word about your brand.

StumbleUpon – This is a highly underrated social media channel that small businesses can use to generate web traffic. StumbleUpon connects users to websites based on content posted (like images and videos, not conventional ads). It’s highly specific and offers a better chance at attracting interested users.

Is your company’s marketing campaign already engaged with the above, or is the strategy woefully outdated? You can benefit from Global Resources Reviews to improve your business’s existing marketing strategy.