Increase Your Social Media Engagement With These 6 Tips

Social media is a crucial tool that every small business should utilize. It’s a free way to get your brand out into your community, reach new clients, and develop lasting relationships. However, social media can also be a massive headache if you’re not getting the return you hoped for.

Let us help you boost your social media engagement to increase your overall social media presence (and followers). The following six tips from Global Resources could take your social media accounts from barely there to engagement every post.

You’re Selling More Than Your Brand

One of the number one social media rules is to have a healthy balance of brand-promoting posts with informative and engaging content within your topic. If all you post about is items you’re selling and that’s it, your followers will get tired of seeing just that.

Include content that shows behind the scenes of your business. Show how much fun you and your team have and why you love what you do. Talk about relevant topics related to your company—post-how-to and informative information that will draw in viewers.

Have Question and Answer Sessions

An excellent way to get engagement is to ask your followers questions. What are their most pressing questions about your business and your field? It allows you to really open up and show the company’s human side while providing value to your followers.

Reply to Comments

When people see that you engage with them, they are more likely to engage with you first. Think how exciting it is when you comment on a post by someone famous, and they write a reply back to you – it’s a good feeling.

Show that you value the comments from your followers by taking the time to reply back to them.

Get On Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most accessible tools to use to help boost your engagement, especially when you show your face. Stories provide an unfiltered and realistic portrayal of you and your company. They’re also a space you can easily share posts from other accounts and tag other businesses to show your support.

Quality Over Quantity

Although to grow your following and boost your engagement, you want to post frequently, if the quality fades so you can post every day, it’s not worth it. Quality posts with well-spoken captions matter the most over poor photos with irrelevant content that get uploaded every day. So, if you’re frantically trying to upload to meet a weekly quota, consider decreasing how often you post each week and shift that extra time to increase the quality of what you have.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in getting the reach of your latest post. That’s because when you attach a hashtag, anyone who clicks or follows the hashtag will be able to see your post. Using hashtags is an excellent trick to reach new followers and help boost your engagement.

Start implementing the above six tricks to help boost your engagement and the overall quality of your social media accounts.