A Guide To Getting Buy-In For Digital Change Projects

When you’re working on improving a work system or process, you’re sure to encounter several challenges, and many of them will involve people. Employee uncertainly, difficulties in training, and rebellions against change are all commonplace. Often, challenges to project outcomes come from those who are doing the job.

So, how can you get buy-in for such projects amongst your employees? The GR-US.com team is here to offer you some expert advice.


The top way to get everyone involved in your digital change project is to ensure that they are all included right from the beginning. In order to ensure they remain involved throughout, they need to remain engaged. It’s vital to avoid the all-too-common problem of reaching the project’s end and realizing that somebody who’s going to use the system hasn’t been included throughout all the project’s stages.


A common mistake business leaders make is to confuse people in order to make it appear as if they know what they’re talking about. It’s important to be clear at all times with stakeholders since it improves trust between all involved parties. Empathizing with them, reiterating things you’ve been told by them, and talking their language will show them that you understand their problems and have a real desire to assist them in improving their working practices.

Job Security

Digital improvement and automation both have a major effect when it comes to feeling job security. Yet, making sure employees feel very secure in their roles is a key element in delivering a project successfully. Finding ways to reassure them their responsibilities and role are going to be redirected, not made obsolete is vital.


A helpful way to gain employees’ buy-in to your digital change project is to facilitate workshops designed to listen to their views and ideas. If you listen to what your stakeholders are saying then reiterating the issues and ideas back to them in the language they understand, they’ll come to believe that they’ve designed their own solutions.

There is no more effective way of obtaining employee buy-in to your project than by having those who will be responsible for actively executing the new processes believe they came up with the solution themselves. Whether true or false, people usually feel more passionate when they believe they’re doing something that they were responsible for rather than something that anybody else has done.

A Successful Buy-In

If you follow the steps outlined here, you’ll find that obtaining employee and stakeholder buy-in to your latest digital change project will be easier than you imagined. Although reticence and opposition are common in such circumstances, with the right approach and by taking a people-centric approach to implementing change, you’ll find that the process is simpler and quicker than you thought.

Taking advice from a team of professional consultants is the best way to ensure that your team gets on board with your latest changes so that your operation can run smoothly with seamless adaptation to the new ways of working.