Accounting Software for Your Small Business

Once you have your small business up and running, keeping your accounting files organized and transparent will be incredibly useful from the very first time your business files its taxes until you are presenting an entrepreneur with your business overview to sell it and retire.


QuickBooks is an incredibly easy-to-use piece of accounting software that has a long, reliable track record in the small-business corner of the market. The company features multiple plans and customization options, making it perfect for a small to medium business with any sort of financial situation.

QuickBooks prides itself on how easy it is to share with your accountant, making it exceptionally easy to share information. QuickBooks Online allows business owners to easily transfer financial information from your firm’s local hard drives to your accountant’s office.

QuickBooks’s long history has allowed it to develop and integrate with hundreds of other applications. These range anywhere from employee time-sheet software to billing and invoicing. Quickbooks software ranges anywhere from 25 to 180 dollars for the online advanced bundle. Some business owners cite the QuickBooks price point as a deterrent, but those who are in constant contact with their accountants (and can afford the more advanced packages) praise the application for its stability and the ease of sharing data.

Zoho Books

While Zoho offers a variety of applications, its accounting software is especially useful for small or even freelance-based small businesses. Zoho offers a pay-as-you-go service, priced at anywhere from 15 to 60 dollars per month for its premium services. Providing a form of payment on record can even afford a company a 14-dollar trial to see if it is the correct option for a given entrepreneur.

The great drawback of most Zoho applications is their narrow focus. Zoho is an excellent choice for businesses that are still trying to establish a footing in the marketplace, but many business owners might have to expand to the menagerie of other Zoho applications to the point where it would be easier to invest in a more comprehensive piece of accounting software.

Wave Software

Wave is an excellent choice for exceedingly small businesses that might only employ a handful of people or businesses that are just beginning operations. Wave is not as comprehensive as some of the giants of accounting software, but it is completely free, and it can serve multiple users and businesses all in one account.

Wave does not supply inventory tracking and mobile-based software. Businesses that this does not pose an obstacle can make Wave a lasting platform for accounting, but other firms might consider starting with Wave and later moving to a paid service that offers more extensive capabilities.

Many small business owners are enthusiastic about the product or service that they provide, but the details of financial literacy might fall by the wayside. The mismanaging or obfuscation of finances is one of the major mistakes that entrepreneurs can make in their business ventures. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for businesses of all sizes and sectors of industry. Business owners only need to research enough to find the accounting software that is right for them and continue from an informed decision.

Luckily, Reviews for Global Resources LLC is there to help you make that informed decision in anything from accounting software to hiring protocols. Global Resources can help you in every step of your small business journey.