Under 50% of Teens Will Use Facebook in 2018

As time moves along, technology changes. As technology changes, new social media opportunities present themselves.

With this, comes the prediction that less than half of teens will be active on Facebook this year. Thus, if you rely on Facebook to reach the younger demographics (ages 12 to 17), you may want to strongly reconsider your marketing strategy.

While Facebook is certainly not dead (in fact, it may be wise to remain on Facebook to market to older generations now), there are other, more relevant social media outlets to where you should be turning your attention in order to connect with those younger generations.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Well, for one, Global Resources LLC consultants recommend having both Instagram and Snapchat as cornerstones of your marketing strategy. Both social media apps will be adding nearly 2 million users under the age of 25 in 2018.

Generally speaking, it’s important for your business to stay on top of the trends. There may come a time very soon when Instagram and Snapchat are phased out as the most popular social media apps to be on. We tend to see kids moving away from what’s most popular amongst their parents.

According to eMarketer, “While the social media platform [Facebook] was able to count on Instagram to retain that younger audience in the past, Snapchat may now be siphoning away more users.”

As a small business owner, take time to study the social media trends and shifts in technology. Ultimately, you want to make sure you are reaching the right groups of people.

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